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Shame on B6 & Delta, this will only open the door for requests at other congested airports. If its not this excuse it would be something else. Not enough Controllers... Or there are too many clouds in the sky...
I think the entire issue is nonsense. It points to a bigger problem, that airport and aircraft operators communicate and integrate so poorly that aircraft are being boarded without any knowledge of the state of traffic on the airport surface. The answer is stiff fines or cancelled flights, but rather high standards for integration between airports and airlines so that they can plan ahead. Then we can start boarding aircraft when we know that there will be a traffic opening an hour from the time boarding starts, with some margin of error for minor difficulties.
*isn't stiff fines, rather.
I think we also have a problem here with inexperienced law makes looking for new ways to squeeze money out of business. I say, away with these legislators. I have not worked in airlines at all, but in transportation, and there are many times where there is nothing you can do, weather it be weather or a safety situation, or congestion.


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