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Spirit Airlines A319 returns to DFW with one engine down, smoke in cabin

This occurred after takeoff aboard an Atlanta-bound A319 Tuesday afternoon but very few details are being reported nearly 24 hours later. The flight originated at DFW. Passengers describe vibration, flames visible around engine and smoke rushing into the cabin. Bird strike? ( さらに...

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Flight track for Spirit Airlines flight 165 --
Neuroguy 1
Wow, thanks. Looks like they had a squall line to deal with, too. Man!
So an engine went blooey and the crew did as they were trained to do. Nothing really extraordinary for the crew but I can see where it would excite the pax.
Well, a little more excitable on the evening news in that it was totally uncontained, flames up the fuselage on the outside and heavy smoke in the cabin. Pretty much what is in the story by the excited pax.
I also noticed on the news that the only shot they had when the tug was pushing it was from the starboard side, not the port where the failure was.
Prolly can't tell the diff between the 19 and the 20. You know what some of these guys are like Wayne. They don't pay 'em enough.
Numerous reports showed footage of an A320 being pushed back, not the A319 involved in the incident.
Just glanced at it, you are correct.
Spot of drama now and again keeps passengers interested. Nothing like a few flames spurting out fom an engine to get the passengers interested.
CFM 56 engine, thousands have been built, good engine but if not inspected properly then anything can happen, sounds like a hot section failed but the NTSB will get to the bottom of it, they are one of the few Government Agencies that do a great job. The smoke most likely came from the compressor. Delta had a JT8D-219 fail back in the mid 90's when the main fan disk had a catastrophic failure due to Delta missing a crack in the disk during overhaul, two people were killed when pieces of the disk penetrated the fuselage
Maybe someone at FAA should take a closer look at their maintenance. Oh, that's right they are on sabbatical........
Is there something wrong with the maintenance of Spirit airplanes?
More likely a poor communication protocol between Spirit and Airbus. You cannot run an effective repair and maintence team unless all the guys get p-0roperly trained and the check systems are in place. This appears about as simple fault as you can encounter. In a perfect world any tech should have been able to prevent this BUT if this is the first encounter with an airbaus Pod....well..he needs training.
Spirit just found something else they can charge extra for: Oxygen in a smoky cabin.
Spirit Airlines experienced an "uncontained" engine failure which is probably the most serious of engine failures. "Uncontained" engine failure means that broken pieces and parts of the engine flew out, at very high velocity, of the outer engine housing. That shrapnel can cause significant damage to an aircraft and in some cases jeopardize the integrity of the aircraft airworthiness. United 232 at Sioux City is a good example of how severe these types of failures can be. I feel that Spirit dodged a Big Bullet with this one.
NTSB now saying engine failure was contained.
Guess we'll have to wait and see what the "Lab" says. It just sounds a bit too violent for a contained blowout.
Technically it was contained.
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Spirit Airlines A319 accident near Dallas is under investigation by NTSB

Shortly after takeoff on Tuesday Oct. 15 from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the Airbus A319s powerplant experienced an uncontained engine failure and was shut down. The jet with 150 people on board was able to land safely with one engine and no one on the flight headed to Atlanta was injured. “I can only confirm that we had a report of an uncontained engine failure and that we have recalled investigative staff to initiate an investigation,” the NTSB said in a statement.
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Fire onboard Atlanta-bound Spirit Airlines Flight

Seriously. Spirits Airlines. An engine failed violently as the aircraft bounded from Atlanta from Dallas Fort Worth. Cause of failure is under investigation by the NTSB.
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Spirit Airlines engine failure

DFW AIRPORT (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 News has learned about what passengers call an “emergency situation” on a Spirit Airlines flight initially headed from North Texas to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia....
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Spirit Airlines plane catches fire after takeoff

The plane cabin filled with smoke and its engine shut down shortly after taking off from Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport. Officials say the fire was due to mechanical issues.
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Spirit Airlines flight in Texas gives passengers a terrible scare

A Spirit Airlines flight initially heading from North Texas to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Tuesday afternoon experienced an "emergency situation" shortly after takeoff and had to turn back. A spokesperson for Spirit said the captain described a "normal landing" after receiving "indication of a possible mechanical issue," adding the customers "safely deplaned," but some passengers described a much more harrowing experience, CBS station KTVT-TV in Dallas reports.


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