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Presidential helicopter VH-60N to receive processor upgrade on control display unit avionics from Rockwell Collins

....... The CDU-7000 consolidates control of communications, navigation, weapons, and defensive aids in a military-hardened package. The unit is designed for military Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) requirements, as commercial Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM). The CDU-7000 features a color active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD), and 3U CompactPCI circuit cards. ( さらに...

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I am quite surprised that it did not already have these upgrades...
Newer, faster, better.

The WWII planes could successfully shoot down enemy planes. The newer jet fighter of recent decades can do it better.

I would say that every new generation of fighter would be more capable, bit the jury is still out on the F-35 air-to-air combat capabilities, compared tonearlier fighters.

So I'll merely say that they continually improve the capabilities of POTUS aircraft, so that they can handle whatever threats can be imagined for that time.

But simply just adding more screens for the avionics means adding processing power, and maybe a change to a slightly newer processor that can better handle graphics and can drive those displays faster.
"It's all Greek to me."

Basically it's th upgrade from a version of the PowerPC G3 chip to a version of the newer PowerPC G4 chip.

These PowerPC chips were co-developed by IBM, Motorola and Apple and were mostly used ad the brains of Mac computers.

The G3 was at the heart of the original colorful round iMacs and the colorful clamshell iBooks. The G4 powered the newer Mac minis and more rectangular white "snow" iBook.

These processors were used in shipping computers from almost 15 years ago trough about 7 years ago.

These chips are thrifty on power usage, so also generate less heat, while giving a good performance bang for that heat/power usage. So they've gotten good usage as embedded chips in all kinds of uses including aviation.

Besides having greater processing power the change from G3 to G4 also provides better graphics processing power (AltiVec) which is important in this case, as they are improving the avionics, including adding display screens.

So almost the same thing, but with more processing and better graphics power (3D- radar, munitions tracking, locking, evasive maneuvers, avionics displays, etc).

A newer better shooter game, but this time protecting the real POTUS (and not a Mac game).
ThanX for the elaboration my friend PhotoFinish.
But is it worth all this, $11.7 Million tax payers' money ?
Cost-benefit ratio ? Value for money ?
Will a private owner choose to do same ? On his/her chopper ?
Most private owners would sound that amount an en entire brand new helicopter.

You forget these are military helicopters, that are entrusted to protecting the Presidenf. The upgrades are all about upgrading the avionics and increasing the ability of the aircraft to detect, avoid and/or destroy threats to the safety of the President.

It's the same chips that have powered many a first person shooter games, that are also being used to power the real avionics in real first person shooter situations.
I'll close by saying that I beg to differ. Marine One is always accompanied by a few attack helicopters with best avionics and arms. It is primarily a transport military helicopter meaning that she too is armed BUT not the way the escort choppers are !
About private owners, I agree with you and add that very few of these rich guys own choppers costing over $10 Million !
The thing is they always fly at least three identical helicopters so that no one ever knows which one is Marine One, and which one will kill you immediately when you become a threat. So they all must be equipped with the latest and greatest. They must always be interchangeable. If only one were always the POTUS transport, eventually it might be possible to distinguish between it and the others, making it easier to target POTUS.

No point in taking a chance that someone would make an attempt to down Marine One. Some suicidal terrorist would be more likely to try, if determining which one was Marine One were easy. You'd be guaranteed of getting killed. But what terrorist wouldn't want to go taking out the POTUS.

So the upgrade costs mentioned would certainly pertain to the whole fleet of Marine One duty copters (would are all upgraded from standard issue copter).

This upgrade makes previous updates current and adds new capabilities that have become possible, since the last upgrade.

We'll never know the full extent of the avionics upgrades for security reasons.
ibpilot72 -1
Now if only we could upgrade our president!!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

Like anyone that's been there over 2 terms. Lol
And what a second term !
Full of turbulence ! !
It's all Greek to me .
But does it make any sense to my expert friends ?
Including $ 11.7 Million cost(tax payers' hard earned money) and all that !
MAYBE that thing will turn RIGHT now - up until now, with the iPOTUS aboard - it could only turn LEFT and MORE LEFT!


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