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Frontier drops Provo, UT - Allegiant takes its place

With Frontier leaving Provo, UT in January, Allegiant announced it will pick up service between Provo and Mesa, AZ starting February 15th. Personally, I don't think it will work out so well. ( さらに...

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I would have concerns about that 20 minutes or so between the 2 airports. I think that story said thry tickets could be bought but that gap would have me worried. With that much time, you could drive easy into SLC. Fare might be an issue but it just makes a difference going into a hub
The 20 minutes, at least how I read the article, is the time relative to the distance between KIWA and KPHX. It's a good 50 - 60 miles between KSLC and KPVU (it's 35nm SE of KSLC)

Either way, this is the equivalent of preferring KDAL over KDFW, especially if passengers can get into and processed through KPVU faster than they can KSLC. If this turns a profit, this will definitely result in flights to KLAS.
Well, I can understand that analogy. I guess it will just depend, like the KDAL/KDFW thing, how much O&D traffic Phoenix can generate.
This is what Allegiant does in many of its cities though. They don't use hubs so much as outer lying airports to keep costs down and try to attract the passengers flying to their destination cities away from the hub airports.


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