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F.A.A. Revokes Licenses of Pilots Who Missed Airport

WASHINGTON — Less than a week after two Northwest Airlines pilots got distracted in their cockpit and flew more than 100 miles beyond their destination airport, the Federal Aviation Administration revoked their licenses. ( さらに...

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If you ignore radio communication and control panel alerts you deserve to be grounded. What would have happened if they had been headed to Washington, D.C. and were considered a terrorist attack??????
These fellows will NEVER do that again! The 'punishment' is excessive.....a suspension would have been much better. Why waste their talent?
To not answer radio calls over an hour and over 400 miles or more is totally unacceptable.THese guys fell asleep. THey then lied about what really hapened. THeri story is BS. THey should be trusted with people's lives much an airplane.
They should have scrambled the fighters to get a look. That would have answered a lot of questions. Could you imagine the wake up call that would be (assuming they were asleep).
The sad thing is, it goes to show that good talent gets wiped away by poor judgement.
Lynn Fisk 0
I'm very glad the FAA pulled the licenses to fly it should tell the rest of the industry that the Govt. is not going to take this lying down and wake the rest of these pilots up there that might be doing the same or something else that could put the rest of us in harm's way
Sounds like 2 old men who should have been retired discussing retirement-home policy on the porch with their laptop while they feed the birds. Let the old men go and the young bucks in! like me:)
Dan Allen 0
The Emergency Order of Revocation makes mention of their fuel planning, but does not actually refer to their fuel status upon landing. Does anyone know how much fuel they had remaining when they landed?


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