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Texas DPS chopper fires on suspected smugglers,

The agency's director has said it's been forced into the role because federal agencies aren't doing enough to secure the border and because smugglers have become more aggressive. ( さらに...

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KW10001 3
The borders need to be completely closed. Then and only then can we safely accept immigrants from the south. They need to be given the citizenship test, they need an ID, a drivers license, a Social Security number, necessary vaccines. No one is saying we need to stop immigration, we just need to stop dangerous, illegal immigration that puts everyone at risk.
Leave it to Texas. The Feds won't do it. Maybe Texas will step up and protect US citizens. When you shoot the sob's it sends a real message.
Incidently, Texas State Troopers will fire on fleeing vehicles while city departments will not. Don't Mess with Texas means more that I thought!
usad 2
You DPS brothers better install the proper weapon detection sytems and put flare dispensors on those choppers, as the drug lords will be buying and using shoulder fired anti-aircraft missles next. You know they will!
linbb 4
Love it finally we are taking steps to protect our people who are here leagly not the ones who choose to come here and suck the system dry. No they do not contrubute to the system as they send money back to Mexico and then live off of the welfare system. Unless you have been there and know someone who can verify it dont comment on that as I do know and have known people who see it first hand. Good work Texas.
We'll hear the bleeding heart BS but the fact is the illegals coming in are common thieves. They are here to steal our American culture, our social services, our jobs, our political system , our language,our lives, and anything else they can. By the time the cobras rolled in "hot" on a few groups the border issue would be solved. End of story.
rwb2112 3
The bleeding heart crap started yesterday from the ACLU Still waiting for the anointed one to chime in, "Uh...Guatemalans have human rights, uh...this isn't the wild west, uh.. tax breaks, uh.. failed policies of the last eight years etc." I live in San Antonio, two hours from the border, just north of my residence is an upscale area even the realtors refer to as "Monterrey North" in reference to the large population of Mexican nationals which includes cartel members and other unsavory characters, they buy their way in legally. Just a matter of time before something really big happens here.
suz 2
Good work boys! Your President and Secretary of State will stand behind you ... way behind.
Dumbasses should have stopped!! It's better to get deported than to get killed, isn't it?


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