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Singapore Air, China Southern A380s Turn Back Mid-Flight

Singapore Airlines Ltd. (SIA) and China Southern (1055) Airlines Co. both had Airbus SAS A380s turn back mid- flight today because of faults. The two aircraft landed safely. The Singapore Air plane turned around about three hours into a flight to Frankfurt after pilots shut down one of the four engines, according to an e-mail from the carrier. China Southern’s jet returned to Beijing because of a cabin-pressure “problem,” it said on Weibo, a Chinese service similar to Twitter. The… ( さらに...

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Really not good news for Airbus or RR at this point in time.
Flogging a dying concept Alistair..inherent design flaw. Better to cut losses and exchange 'em for the new GEs
Oh, i think you may be correct. The Trent 900 has had many issues prior to this and it all points towwards the three shaft architecture, which makes the engine lighter and shorter. GE and PW have two shaft architecture. Yeah, i hate to say it, but hang GEs off those wings.
Alistair I never thought I would see the day you agreed with me...hahaha..high five.
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Singapore Air A380 Turns Back After Engine Problem

A Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIA) Airbus A380 aircraft was forced to turn back to Singapore earlier on Tuesday after encountering a problem with one of its engines.
99NY 1
Spin PR Spin!!
I don't believe in coincidences.. what's up with these airplanes Now?
I would cut the losses and just swop em GEs and be done with it. The only operator who can handle these engines is Lufthansa, basically because they have the best resources in the buiness in the EUR. They watch 'em like a hawk.
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Singapore Airlines A380 Turned Back By Engine Problem

An engine problem forced a Singapore Airlines Ltd. (C6L.SG) A380 superjumbo jet en route to Frankfurt to return to Singapore on Tuesday, in the latest incident involving Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC (RR.LN) engines used to power the world's biggest passenger aircraft.

Flight SQ26, which was carrying more than 430 passengers, landed safely at 6.40 a.m. local time after its crew reported a problem with one of the jet's four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines nearly three hours after takeoff, the airline said in a statement.

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