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Drones: Not Just for Tracking Terrorists

Heads up: Drones are going mainstream. Civilian cousins of the unmanned military aircraft that have tracked and killed terrorists in the Middle East and Asia are in demand by police departments, border patrols, power companies, news organizations and others wanting a bird's-eye view that's too impractical or dangerous for conventional planes or helicopters to get. ( さらに...

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Understand, Good point .. I would hope the FAA would require tracking ability for private operators .. Meaning any one outside of the airlines ... providing the same information you are required they see, when you fly .. Remote or not, I would NOT agree to these things flying around without the FAA being able to do tracking and contact with the operator ..
As long as the person at the controls has an FAA rating .. Let them have a job. This could be monitored in the same fashion the FAA issues pilots license / TSA does the security procedures ...

Example:If a power company wants to buy ine, they would be required to have the operator ON STAFF ... and certified by the FAA to operate the system .. If not and Joe Blow attemts to fly it and then crash .. The power company is liable .. No questions asked .. for any and all damage ..
That's just not enough:

What are the consequences to the 'drone-driver' from a mid-air with an airplane?

you can't be looking 'out the window' when you're busy driving a camera looking down.. and your A$$ is not on the line!
My concerns with the drones are more with traffic separation. What will keep them from running into aircraft flying VFR with no communication to ATC? As a pilot, I am required to keep a visual look out for other aircraft. What systems will provide a ground based operator the same ability?
So True Marcus .. at the same time, that would be a question for our US Military people and how they handle such a situation.
It hasn't been an issue yet, as the current batch of drones only fly in restricted areas, or in areas that require positive ATC control, or warzones. You fly an unmanned aircraft over much of the US, you are in uncontrolled airspace, where thousands of light aircraft operate everyday without the need for ATC. I am always scared anytime a group of politicians start ordering safety rules changed.


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