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Midair Helicopter Collision Kills 7 Marines

YUMA, AZ -- Two helicopters collided in midair during a training exercise in Arizona, killing seven Marines, the U.S. Marine Corps said Thursday. Wednesday night's crash occurred during routine training operations at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Carl B. Redding, Jr., said in a statement. ( さらに...

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These helicopters fly over and near our house daily as do the jets from mcas Miramar. Our hearts&prayers go out to all the family's and friends of our fallen heros.
Very sad day for all Marines and Marine families, my son is a Marine training at Corry station, so this hits hard and close to home. Say a prayer tonight for the families and for all our servicemen and women.
Thanks for your service gentleman you are true American heros, you will not be forgotten...
A very sad day. People often think of troops serving overseas as being in danger and even pray for them. I think of them too, pray for them as well, but I always include those who serve at home. It's a dangerous occupation, no matter where they are.
Although I am in Army Aviation...I put out my and my families condolences for those fine Marines that serve their country with HONOR and RESPECT...A huge OOORAH from this Army Flightmedic. May they be in a better place!
God bless these Marines. They know every day there is a lot of risk but they accept it without complaint. Special condolences to their families. RIP


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