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Southwest CEO opts for Delta first class for return flight

After several events marking the launch of Southwest Airlines’ inaugural flights in Atlanta this week, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly chose Delta for his return flight to Dallas and enjoyed the benefits and comfort of first class service. ( More...

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Paul Schiesser 2
Really, maybe he is tall and does not like the idea of SWA reducing pitch on all their planes
Richard Rohrer 2
Could've always used the reason, "Checking out the Competition".
Chris Donawho 2
All the fanfare in ATL, with complimentary drinks, he may have had a small buzz and didnt want to risk being denied at

Yes, I read the article.... It wasnt funny enough.
John Casebeer 2
He is certainly free to do as he likes but it sounds politically stupid in this time of no privacy.
MimosaDrive 2
I can't blame him. Flying coach sucks on almost every airline, including Southwest.
jim garrity 1
At least he knows a GREAT airline to fly on!
btweston 1
Welcome to supply and demand.
pdixonj 1
I can see why he would take another carrier...his only other choice was to stay the night and fly out on Southwest the next day, which may not have been possible for him. Just a side note though: When Richard Anderson flies, he always sits in coach:)
brennanmack 1
Just about every airline CEO travels on other airlines. No news here
richard weiss 1
The rule restricting non-stop flights to-from Love field was put in place years ago to protect American, Continental and Delta from a little INTRA-STATE airline. It was the only one like it in the country. After nearly 40 years of restricting free enterprise to rule, congress finally repealed what became known as the Wright Amendment. At the time Jim Wright was the Democratic Congressman from the the Fort Worth are. He was known to be firmly in the pocket of American, Braniff, Delta, and Braniff Airways. Inspite of the anti-free trade rule, Southwest Airlines became very successful and you can all make your own judgements on the success of the intended protectorates of a future Speaker of the House. In 2014 you can all rest assured there will be non-stop flight by SWA from DAL. Incidently, Jim Wright was forced to resign his seat in congress after he was exposed in an ethics scandal.

Gary Kelly, I'm sure, would have much rather flown SWA, but he had to get home. You see, he has a successful airline to run.
chalet 1
Nah, most of you are dead wrong. The guy only wanted to see how people are (properly) treated by Delta as opposed to his truck-like cattle service.
Paul Schiesser 1
Actually I've never encoutered poor service on SWA but have on legacy carries whose employees seem really brunt-out and suffer from low morale. SWA's only major drawbacks for me is it's boarding process and now that they are going to try to squeeze people into 31 inch pitch seats like most other carriers economy section. I think Jet Blue still has an average of 33 inches. SWA's $10 to jump the line is a joke the highest you can get is A16 since A1-A15 is reserved for A-List customers.

Like most people I'm happy knowing where I will be sitting even if I have to pay more for the seat I want.
sparkie624 1
You have to love it... Of course there "LUV" seems to be supporting Delta....
Gene Nowak 1
Hmmmm! No 737 corporate jet?
Kevin Romero 1
thats because SWA is a cow truck, and first class rocks. personal opinion.
btweston 0
Yazoo 1
And they just announced that they will raise fares by $10. So the honeymoon is over in ATL for all those who thought SWA was going to bring in the low fares.
jhakunti 0
ignorant comments didn't even read the article. it explains why he didn't fly on wn. if you would take the time to read it. lol .


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