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New SLC airport in the works

After more than 50 years without a major facelift or reconstruction, the old Salt Lake City International Airport is being demolished and an entirely new one will go up. Very surprised this is in the works! "All of the current terminals will be combined into one" I don't think I really like that idea. ( さらに...

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I'm super glad to hear this. My wife is from Idaho Falls, and we either fly to or through KSLC once or twice a year (or through KDEN if the price/routing/schedule is better than SLC). I agree that Concourse E is nasty, but have never been over to A or B. We have had to RUN to planes through SLC and it has few moving walkways. And agreed too that it is dark in spots, concourse "E" (where the regional flights are handled) was awful. It was sometimes very busy if 2-3 regionals landed at the same time or if there were weather delays. One trip through there, there was nowhere to sit except the floor.
This is great news! Those E gates are ghetto.

Im curious how "one terminal" will work. No international terminal?
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Probably just like other airports that have one terminal.
I ment specifically in the case of SLC as they are keeping the concorses the same (except A and B).
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Think in terms of the McNamara terminal at DTW...where both international and domestic flights are collocated. The fact that they're planning only one terminal isn't as important as the fact that they're increasing gate capacity, pax-connection efficiency, and better ease of aircraft movement (which is what Delta needs and wants). A single multi-level terminal is sufficient to handle departure/arrival passengers at any airport that serves primarily as a connecting hub.
They aren't really building a new airport, just a new terminal.

I used to fly through SLC frequently and recall it was a long walk through narrow, dingy, dog legged corridors.
Well I am excited for this new airport!

this is a slideshow presentation of the airport and phases
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More Info:
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A single concourse seems too plain. Also seems like it would get very congested.
It will be much easier for people to connect to flights instead of going to another terminal. Should be a good thing.
From reading this and the link Kyle posted, this sounds like it will be an in-place upgrade, like what happened at KSMF. With the new Grand Terminal B replacing the outdated (read: 40 years old) Terminal B, everything that was in Terminal B and then some, including Customs, is in the same terminal. Most carriers from Terminal A moved to the new terminal, while less than a handful moved to Terminal A.

I can see this working, but it will take time. If it were an entirely new airport (like how KSGU moved), runways would have to be built, etc, making it even longer for it to complete.


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