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NLRB Drops Case Against Boeing

A top official with the National Labor Relations Board announced on Friday that the agency was dropping its politically charged case against Boeing, in which the agency had accused the company of violating federal labor law by opening a new aircraft production plant (for the 787) in South Carolina. The NLRB's acting general counsel, Lafe Solomon, said the labor board had decided to end the case after the machinists' union — which originally asked for the case to be brought — had urged… ( さらに...

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extortion: to wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority; obtain by force, torture, threat, or the like.
JD345 0
I don't care where you are on the political spectrum... this was bogus from the word "go" no matter how you cut it.
LancairESP 0
Wayne, Jayden is to be excused. You current God like your current president does not have a very convincing birth certificate.
My God doesn't have one, nor does He need one.
"The machinists’ union has engaged in five strikes against Boeing since 1977, including a 58-day strike in 2008 that cost the company $1.8 billion."

So the Union thst cost Boeing TWO AND A HALF TIMES MORE (in only 58 days no less) than what it cost to build the SC plant, goes and cries and whines all the way to the other Washington (DC) and gest their political protstitutes to go to bat for them. THEN they all get $3,000 ... "signing bonuses" for promising not to do it again!

Makes me so mad..............
I'm sure that there are enough of the 13+ million unemployed that would love a shot at a (former) union members' job. Here's your pink slip... NEXT! Here's your signing bonus, we'll see you on Monday.
jhakunti 0
And goddamn stupid nancy pelosi had the audacity to throw her big blabbling mouth into this. let the businesses decide what is good for them. there is just way too much government in every last aspect of life these days sheesh.
preacher1 0
Jayden: your feelings are well appreciated but God's last name isn't damn
BC Hadley 0
Attention Congress and the rest of Washington (DC): YOU cannot fix the economy. YOU are the problem. Please get out of the way and let those of us who work for a living do our thing.
Amen to that!
canuck44 0
Fortunately the NLRB is finished until after the next election...they will have only two members after Jan 1 when the recess appointed Labor dirt bag must leave. The House will defund it. The next Congress if the Dems are wiped out will alter the ground rules on all "regulatory agencies" including this one....the REIN act is in front of Senate now but Little Harry will keep it off the agenda until after the election when hopefully he is a back bencher.

Boeing will claim coercion and may well have this contract overturned once the NLRB is out of the way.
QuickBurn 0
This is another reason I will never get involved with a union. Too much crying, work stoppages (even if I want to keep working) and just general BS that I don't want to be associated with...And you get to pay the union a fee to screw with your life every so often. No Thanks.
Fine, no South Carolina plant?? Let's just pack up the whole thing and go to Mexico. That's more legal (and easier) to do than stay in the US anyway.
guy lever 0
no boeing gets to keep their SC plant...just can't decide what planes to build there apart from the 787. The NLRB will decide where in the US Boeing should build planes. Ridiculous in the extreme.
Fortunately the French labor is more worthless than American Union's but we're quickly closing the gap and destroying our highest valued export industry at the same time. Lose-Lose!
Could you imagine NLRB telling Dodge, Ford, or GM they were required to build all their cars in Detroit rather than spreading plants throughout the country? This was clearly an over-reach of the NLRB's jurisdiction from the time they announced the complaint against Boeing.
Oh wait. They already did that! Actually they told them which product lines they had to close.
preacher1 0
Well they haven't had to go to bat for those folks. The UAW has all their Southern plants, even in the right to work states


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