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(Video) Aspen Missed Approach, divert to Eagle

"Nick Smith flying a Hawker on a missed approach to Aspen then to Eagle, CO" ( More...

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Kenneth Kibben 0
Cool Video, thanks for posting. Winter time in the rockies can make things rather interesting to say the least...
Steve Gregory 0
I feel like I've been there and done that! Great video Nick!
Yeah, nice vid., but seems like an awful amount of chit chat on that app. and the missed, especially an Aspen miss...
Terrific view of great CRM and a good call on a miss.
indy2001 0
I agree with thrustt about the unnecessary talk in the cockpit, especially from the videographer. (I can better understand why the FAA doesn't like these guys in the cockpit.) Even the two pilots don't listen to each other very well. In addition to the indecision on the missed approach, having to call for more flaps three times during the landing at Eagle is not a sign of good communication.
Exactly!!! Your comment is more forthwright than mine...
cblair0608 0
Here's the thing. If they had crashed into a mountain and the video was recovered in the debris then the NTSB would have said the cause of crash was the non-sterile cockpit. In the Comair crash in Lexington back on 2006 the pilots spoke six words that were not work related. The NTSB said these six words contributed to the accident. I am a pilot but have never flown the KASE VOR approach they were doing. I've never flown it in real-life but I have on a simulator and it was stressing. If they were VERY familiar with the approach its not as bad but you can tell the pilot flying was a little more stressed. The missed is more difficult than the actual approach. I dont judge people but the pilots were ok, the guy doing the filming was the one doing all the talking. The pilot was doing an excellent job at maintaining his airspeed so he was right on his game fortunately. If the FAA were to view this video.......and they probably will, then they may have a word with the pilots. This is why pilots dont like video camera's in the cockpit.
Mike Mohle 0
Done a dozen or more approaches to KASE in similar sized jets along with 1 miss in similar conditions to KRIL instead (when KEGE was closed for remodeling a couple of years ago). The "normal" VOR/DME approach to Aapen in visual conditions is exciting to say the least, while the miss borders on terrifying as you are in IMC with mountains right on the nose during approach to the south. An immediate right turn to 300 to intercept the localizer outbound along with climbing is imperative -- no fiddling around. I was glad to have good and experienced Captains with me who had a great deal of respect for the airport and the non-standard procedures required there, as they had been in and out of Aspen many more times than I.
Chris Donawho 0
I have to agree with indy and thrustt.... All in all good CRM, but those three calls for full flaps got my attention too.

@Watch Dog, hell no... First, I'm only SEL qualified. Second, only a handful of people are qualified to operate at either of the airports in the video. The currency requirements are so stringent that unless you fly there very often, meeting such requirements is a waste of time. Ive heard of check airmen at AA, who themselves had to go get checked out again at Eagle before they could give check rides... For that reason I think AA has a limited number of qualified (current) pilots and really no contingency. Flights into airports like Eagle or Tegucigalpa (sp) tend to get cancelled despite decent weather and equipment.

Perhaps Wayne could shed more light on this?
I don't recall any restrictions at EGE, however at ASE, the flying pilot must be type rated in the aircraft being flown, and within the past 12 months have made a take-off and landing in a jet there. Also there are higher requirements like on the VOR-DME, 4400 and 5 I think before beginning the app., and the app. not authorized at night.
I've been in there a fair amount of times, though not recently, but if the weather was marginal, I'd go across to Eagle. Prudence is better than experience.
Watch Dog 0
Lots of arm chair flying by those leaving comments. Any of you actually ever fly that approach in those conditions? Any of you ever do everything 100% absolutely perfect?
It's not a matter of being 100% perfect or armchair flying. Look at the video again, that is not excellent CRM. The PNF is doing too much talking, non standard too. In the turn on the miss, they're talking about seeing the runway. You guys could put negative responses to my comment, I don't care, but that was piss poor CRM. The PNF should make the standard callouts on the app. and don't keep repeating himself or adding useless info. in, that just overloads the PF. Note at one point the PF tells him to not get distracted. The problem is people add their own BS things in when everything should be kept standard and concise. LESS IS MORE! Let's not forget to wish the tower controller Merry Xmas and tell him what the bases were as the airplane is dipping below 200 feet while the missed is being executed.
Jim Quinn 0
Very much enjoyed this one.... I'll leave the critiques to those who have flown into these airports...


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