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Boeing to build commercial spacecraft at shuttle hangar

Boeing will announce an agreement with Space Florida on Monday to lease the hangar that housed the space shuttles to build similar craft that will bring people and cargo to space. "Florida has five decades of leadership in the space industry, which makes our state the logical place for the next phase of space travel and exploration," Scott said in prepared remarks obtained by The Associated Press. "Boeing's choice of Florida for its Commercial Crew program headquarters is… ( さらに...

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I guess it would put more people out of work, but why in the sam hill are we worrying about going to an asteroid or MARS when we can't even feed and take care of people we have down here, besides the fact that we have a space station up there now with people on board and have to rely on a foreign country to get our people up there. Seems to me there is something wrongheaded in this whole picture. Just Sayin'
chalet 0
Wayne 300% behind you. It is the damn defense contractors who have been skinning our Treasury blind for decades who are also the culprits for such gargantuan outlays for projects that do not meet deadlines or budgets. Just let us remember what President (and Ret. Army General) Eisenhower said when he was concluding his presidency: beware of the defense industry/military axis.
vanbess 0
Wayne its not the governments responsibility to feed people it's the people responsibility to feed themselves. Good for boeing with moving forward with the technology.
I'm not downing Boeing. I'm like you as far as private enterprise and putting people to work and all they are doing. What pisses me off is reading the rest of the article and all the crap that NASA is into, spending money like the teat won't never run dry, thinking they are doing something important. Maybe somebody else cares about going to Mars but I sure as heck don't. MHO
And just a little additional, I just used the people as an example. Point is, we have so much that is needed right here that could be of benefit to a lot of people rather guickly and we squander money like there is no tomorrow for projects that won't make a damn to the general public.Again, IMHO
indy2001 0
Ever since the 60's, we've heard this constant fiction that the money "wasted" on space exploration could easily feed/educate/clothe/house people in the US. It was the reason given for the early cancellation of Apollo program, it was the reason the original US space station was cancelled (which left the Shuttle with nowhere to go but Low Earth Orbit), and then it was the reason the Space Shuttle program was chronically underfunded. With so many cancelled NASA programs, what happened to all that money that was supposedly going to be saved?

The fact is that civilian space exploration -- it was Eisenhower who made NASA a civilian organization -- pays for itself many times over with technological advances, better weather forecasting and understanding of long-term climatology, huge advances in detecting resources and managing them, identifying the spread of crop diseases, and on and on. And it has been a sources of employment and inspiration for many thousands of our smartest people. And the fact is that we should be leading the world into space, not paying for rides on old Soviet spacecraft or watching the Chinese and Indian space programs quickly overtake us. We really are becoming a second class country in so many ways.
I rarely disagree with Wayne....but AMEN brother. I'd rather spend a $1B in the NASA budget than $1B in Energy's to pay companies to build solar panels in Mexico.

Interestingly, NASA used to be in the same Congressional budget committee as Transportation and Housing. Tom Delay pulled it out and reshuffled the committee structure in 2006 when escalating construction and renewal costs in DOT and HUD short changed NASA.

Now, Wayne is definitely right about some of the recent frivolous NASA spending. I haven't been very impressed with the current NASA Administrator. Here's an interesting quote from him. Clearly manned spaceflight isn't on the radar:

"When I became the NASA administrator -- or before I became the NASA administrator -- he [POTUS] charged me with three things. One was he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math, he wanted me to expand our international relationships, and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science ... and math and engineering," Bolden said in the interview.
Both of you guys are right. I don't think I am totally wrong in how I feel, but I guess what frustrates me most is the frivoulous spending down there. I'm like Indy2001; we ought to be leading the way instead of paying for rides. Way back in Kennedy's day, he started us on the road to being a leader and we did it,being the 1st on the moon and subsequent missions, which like the shuttle, almost became routinne. Scott, you are correct also, in that there has been a lot of useful tecnology come out of there but I will not budge on the fact that there is some wrongheaded thinking going on down there right now.
chalet 0
Wayne et all, wait until the F-35 program (finally) turns into a terrible fiasco in spite that the original cost per unit went up from $ 65 million to more than 110, and counting. Did I mention the "marvelous" telescope on board NASA´s modified 747-SP. Yeah, right, someting awfully important for the well being of the 240 millon Americans back on earth.
chalet 0
Why is it that Americans refuse to acknowledge, and act upon it, the fact that the total National Debt is EQUAL TO THE NATION´S GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT for the current year. This means that every living soul has to carry a debt load of $ 46,000, that is to say EACH ONE OF YOU, even children who were just born a few moments ago. This awful rality is not found even in poor and forgotten third world countries in Africa and South America. How and when are you going to pay all these trillions, certainly not if the Pentagon continues going throguh $ 800 billion dolars each year and the hunger for more never ends. Certainly not if and ALL agencies including the Secretary of Agriculture continues to dispense billions of dollars in subsidies each year. WAKE UP AMERICA, NO MATTER HOW BIG AND POWERFUL YOU ARE, YOU HAVE LIMITED RESOURCES. Sorry about that.
Well said my friend. Sad part is, as we start pulling away from that debt teat, there are going to be a lot more folks that are going to hurt as that teat starts drying up that aren't feeling the pinch right now. Some may have prepared for it, seeing the writing on the wall, but, the rest will whine and wonder what happened.


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