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Senator: F-16 Deal With Taiwan Might Bypass Obama

WASHINGTON – Congress may be able to approve the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan even if Obama should object, a senator said Tuesday. The United States is legally required to supply Taiwan with defensive weapons. However, authorizing the multibillion-dollar, long-pending sale of the 66 planes would anger China, which regards the self-governing island as part of its territory. ( さらに...

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linbb 0
Tough luck China get over it what are you going to do about it if the deal is done? They buy from other countrys they just dont want to be out gunned.Bamam needs to step back and think about those jobs that would be either created by the sale or kept.
n111ma 0
Is Barry worried about the country that just last week displayed a refurbished Russian a/c carrier....which is now flying a Chinese flag?? Gimmee a break. We need to create jobs now...and while we're at it...cut spending. PERIOD!
It doesn't matter. Our interest on the debt is building the Chinese aircraft carrier(s). Can you think of any better reason to keep raising the debt limit?
n111ma 0
Your point is well taken Ron.
canuck44 0
The F-16 deal will probably go through, but the wake up call went out to the Taiwanese loud and clear. They need to rethink their entire defense strategy particularly in light of the deployment of the longer range Chinese missiles. The carrier is a problem because it allows the Taiwanese to be attacked from both sides essentially doubling their defensive costs and needs.
Taiwan must now look to anti-missile defenses and some reasonable strike capability to neutralize launches. Their best bet is not Obama but Israel.
Well, whether it's BHO or somebody else in the White House, China has made not so veiled threats about using a "financial tool" to either block or express their displeasure at this and it may come down to a point we may very well have to look at them keep lending us money or us keep supporting Taiwan. As John says, they may very well need to look toward Israel.
s2v8377 0
Just think if this was 20 or so years ago. Would we be worried about upsetting the Soviet Union by selling aircraft to a NATO country?

How times have changed!!!
Very true, Sebastian! I wouldn't be surprised if Barry invites leaders from communist China to the White House, and wipes their feet down with the US Constitution before he's out of office!
Just HAD to get Obama into this huh?
wasn't that the point of the article troy?

No, and it shouldn't be. I tuned this out when I saw the source of the article (Fox News). You'd get a better perspective from this from TMZ than you would from Fox.

But I have to wonder.. A lot of you here really need to take a look at yourselves, especially with being so polarized. Honestly.. a cricket chirps, and you think it's Obama wiping his backside with the constitution. Reid or Biden or Pelosi drinks a glass of water, and it's "too much spending!", "Obama isn't American/is a Muslim, etc."

Yet Cheney just mentions that Waterboarding should and always should be a tool in the holster of American Warfare, and he's a patron saint.

If you actually read this article, it states that these are going to Taiwan, not China. All this will do is cause friction between the US and china, especially in lieu of the debt we owe them. But no... immediately you go straight to this being Obama's fault.

Want to affect change? look inside yourselves and make the change. Once you do, then others will follow. But to sit around and criticize, condemn, and complain doesn't get anything done, and makes you out to be a worse person than those trying to actually do something.
OK Brad!! It's easier to whine and complain than to take responsibility.
@Brad, first off I want to say that I posted this article because there is no bias to it. It spills the facts and isn't slanted. If there is any misrepresentation in it, please point it out to me. You darn liberals get mad every time someone passes judgment on something, yet liberals are the first to judge. I mean you said yourself that you made a judgment when you saw the source was Fox News. You judge Cheney because he said he supports a tool that brought results in the war on terrorism. It’s funny because the ones who claim to be open-minded are the ones who have the most closed minds. Do not take this as a personal attack because I’m summarizing the typical profile of a person who makes statements such as the one you made.

I really don’t know what your statement “If you actually read this article, it states that these are going to Taiwan, not China” means…That was the point of this article on how we are going to send them to Taiwan and that yes it may anger China. Still, we promised to help Taiwan, supply them and protect them, just like we have with Israel and Japan. As Sebastian said in a previous comment, do you think we would be worried about what the Soviets thought 20 years ago or so? The United States has always stood for what is right, and protecting the freedom of Taiwan from communist China should be a top priority in foreign affairs.
Well said David. The only think liberals can't tolerate is intolerance, (which means anybody who disagrees with them and their ideology).

And I love the above comparison between Fox and TMZ. So let's draw an equivalent. Chris Matthews and Jerry Springer?
marledge 0
Should have known the conversation would degrade to this point, can't even enjoy an aviation forum without encountering a right wing rant eventually.
The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so.

-Ronald Reagan
@Marledge. Same could be said of left-wing rants. See Mr. Bookout's post just below yours.
"As John says, they may very well need to look toward Israel."

LOL where do you think isreal gets ANYTHING??? From US!

Any of my other fellow liberal aviation enthusiasts wonder why FlightAware forums are like reading some tea party blog? This nation is about 50/50 liberal/conservative... why the heck is there so many on here hard/far to the right?
As was said in another comment string somewhere on FA, these forums are AVIATION DISCUSSION, and a discussion generally goes to opinion. As this particular topic touches on our relations with other countries, I believe everyone has an opinion on it, and hence has a right to express it in this forum, regardless of right or left wing, and in most cases, those opinions have been formed by personal or life's experiences and will not be changed. We should all have respect for some one else's opinion, but we don't have to agree with it, and that is another opinion in itself that we have the freedom to express.
Matt, it's because the people here are much SMARTER than the general population, with more "real world" knowledge of how things really work as opposed to the academic theory that runs most of Washington DC and the media.

Honestly! that's not a smart ass answer - it's the truth.
@Matt:in answer to the last part of your question, there are a lot of us here that have worked our butts off over the years to get to where we are and have what we have. Nobody ever gave us a damn thing and we just don't look too kindly on some lazy bum not wanting to work and expecting something for nothing, and if that feeling puts us in the conservative, right wing camp, then so be it, but that is part of that life experience I spoke about in the earlier comment.
And I wholeheartedly agree with Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Wayne; notice Matt phrased his question to "Any of my other fellow liberal aviation enthusiasts"? He probably didn't want our opinion (not that THAT ever stopped us, right?).
preacher1 Sad part is, folks, regardless of where they come from, they always want to proffer an opinion but very few can have a discussion and just agree to disagree, rather than have an argument. That generally seems to happen when they have no facts to back up an opinion and they know they'll get it torn to shreds if they try and discuss
yep. have a good one Wayne. Off to lunch!


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