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Computer outage grounds United travelers

Reports of systemwide computer problems at United Airlines causing "throngs of travelers" to be waiting impatiently at malfunctioning check-in kiosks on Friday evening. ( さらに...

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Back in 1968 my brother, myself and my mother made hotel reservations at the
Royal Hawaiian with United Airlines. When we got to the hotel desk, They
Never heard of us. My mother confirmed this reservation before we left.
So, I'm not feeling very sympathetic for United. I feel for the Passengers.
you get what you send out.
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Biggest complaint heard so far is "Lack of Communication" from United, as to what was going on. That has been a problem for United from way back yonder. You'd think they'd learn after a while.
UA has been posting updates on Facebook but the replies are brutal. SFO had to have the SFPD calm the masses last night at the gates.
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While a lot do, not everybody has FB yet or a mobile device to get those updates. They need to be personally talking to the ones standing in line. United ran a TV commercial a year or so back that showed a group of their own exce's frustrated when the boss didn't show up for a meeting and wondering what was going on. He came in about 10 minutes late and used their frustration as an example of how PAX felt not knowing what was going on. Apparently that's all it was, PR.
I manage a restaurant in O'Hare and was SWAMPED with the tons of people bumped from last night! Wish I would have known but that's more my other manager's problem than United's ... Oh well... Next!
@astrojet120 -- I think your 1968 complaint is with your travel agent, not United Airlines.
If you made the reservations in 1968 and just got there I can see why they never heard of you... The agents probably hadn't been born yet in 1968!
ok so i'm traveling on united in a couple weeks was this solved already or is it going to be a problem for the future too ?

I would think United would want to keep their customers happy by making sure the hotel reservations are kept don't you. we don't use travel agents for
this very reason.


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