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Wife takes over plane after pilot-husband is incapacitated

A woman took over the controls of a small airplane when her pilot-husband started having trouble breathing and speaking on a flight from California to Colorado. Air Traffic Controllers controller said he wasn't able to make contact with the pilot after the plane began to make erratic maneuvers. The pilot's wife got on the radio to say her husband had been incapacitated. An air traffic controller in Longmont, CO., said he wasn't able to make contact with the pilot after the plane… ( さらに...

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Flight track for [ N591WA] on May 17.
mark tufts 0
any emegerency landing you can walk away from even if it is done right by a non-pilot getting help is worthless
i hope you meant priceless.. but there was still a full frame parachute around to land if he didn't get back in control. They are very fortunate to have a working a/p.
the cirrus curse: The airplane flies as well as any, if you know how to fly. But it was marketed as a plane anyone can fly OR land with the parachute. Bad weather? not problem.. here's a turbo, and some extra oxygen.. this is NOT a sports car!
mark tufts 0
thats what i meant pricelessas wife saving husband is priceless
Good on Rohrer for insisting on the destination.
dadalope 0
TV news story with ATC snippets and audio interview with the wife.
Thumbs up for hypoxia awareness training. Ever been on laughing-gas? Yeah, its like that. It only takes a few seconds to become incapacitated. Luckily it didn't end up like the Payne Stewart disaster.


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