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Russian sanctioned airlines disassemble aircraft for spare parts

A group of Russian airlines is stripping planes of spare parts as sanctions implemented due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine impact the country. ( さらに...

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sharon bias 5
After the war ends, and it will, all of those planes will have to have maintenance logs reviewed and their airworthiness recertified. Can't imagine the FAA allowing planes with dubious part and maintenance histories to fly in the US.
Whyn Carnie 4
This is callled "Caniballising" in other industries. Cost accounting systems can't handle it. Eventually it leads to permanent loss of high value capital equipment
Steven Palmer 0
In the majority of cases the Western aircraft were not 'owned' by those Russian airlines, they were leased and they have since STOLEN them!!!
So when will we see the western institutions deduct the costs of these aircraft from gas/oil bills using international legal practices???

Why is it all the western institutions are so inept, weak and incapable of anything serious???
Or maybe 'Uncle Vlad', is a an extremely good friend of 'Ernst Blofeld', and a member of the WEF.
And all what is going on, is merely a big ruse to deceive us all, and what's more, bankrupt us all???
Tim Dyck 1
Putin is a member of the WEF so you might be right but I have a hard time believing that. Time will tell…


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