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World War II pilot's remains found in tree, return for burial 72 years later

The 21-year-old Gray was on a dive-bombing mission on April 16, 1945, when his single-seat P-47D aircraft clipped a tree and crashed in Lindau. ( さらに...

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Shenghao Han 4
This got me wonder, how may pilots were still out there without proper burial...
Bill Babis 3
Bill Babis 4
So close to the end of the war. Thank you and we salute you Lieutenant Gray. RIP

Dive-bombing and strafing which were usually done together were the two most dangerous fighter missions in WWII. The P-47 excelled at both and suffered higher losses as a result. It was rugged and some brought their pilots back with damage that made them total losses.
Scott Campbell 2
Buried with his Dad's Ashes wow that got me ........... Thanks for Serving RIP
monalisa75 2
Story like this gave me some onion-effect in the morning.
chalet 1
With so many pilots and members of all Services MIA for that matter who gave their lives for the good of our country and yet trying to find Amelia´s fate commands more attention and funds. Impossible to understand.


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