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Student Pilot Lands Safely After Loosing One Wheel {Video!!!}

A student pilot has landed a light plane safely at a small airport north of Melbourne, after losing a wheel after take-off. The 21-year-old man was forced to circle Mangalore Airport for hours to try to burn enough fuel before attempting to land. Emergency crews were on stand-by when the plane touched down on two wheels shortly before 1:30pm. The pilot was not hurt and the plane was not damaged. ( さらに...

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he was probably just thrilled to get to log the extra hours to burn off the fuel
Won't he have to pay for them though?
That's the Ausie way of getting you to buy block
slee 2
He did a great job! Hopefully he doesn't have to pay for any hobbs time.
Wow! Great landing must have had more than a few hours, saved the prop too !
Yes, looks like a hard one too! Thank You!
"Losing", not "loosing".
Oh yes sorry, HONEST mistake.
Should have pulled the mixture to kill the engine on touchdown, save the engine and prop from a potential prop strike
linbb 1
Not damaged? Good thought but its going to cost as the right wind hit the ground and that hurts.
their insurance will probably cover that.....heck because if they tried to come at him with that he could probably counter sue that it wasn't his fault that the wheel came off and if the school does their own maint. that is probably their fault that it came off in the first place
wow, kid did a great job


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