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Two Plead Guilty In Plot To Ship Aircraft Parts To Iran

One Of Those Charged Was An Airline Pilot A plot to illegally ship aircraft parts to Iran has led to guilty pleas by the two men charged in the scheme. The two were stopped before any parts were shipped in violation of the embargo. ( さらに...

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DAL498 2
Hang them for treason.
jdworley 0
Sir this is an internet forum, you'll need to contact the Magistrate directly for them to proceed with your order.
I don't get the whole point of this embargo. The US doesn't want Iran to build nukes when the US already has enough to blow up the world two times! But then again, the two probably got off better than being called and tried as terrorists...
Fourty years is not enough. Civilian use--yeah, right. How about they have their hands cut off, per the Koran?
I thought that maybe they would just build their own. They already rip off Tomcat parts, what's to lose?


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