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FAA warns US Congress against hiking airline pilot retirement age

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The head of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration told Congress in a letter on Monday that lawmakers should not raise the mandatory retirement age of airline pilots to 67 from 65, saying it should first be allowed to conduct additional research. "It is crucial to provide the agency an opportunity to conduct research and determine mitigations," FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said in a letter first reported by Reuters. The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee is… ( More...

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If doing your job safely is age dependant, shouldn't we have term limits for politicians?
sparkie624 2
We need more pilots... From 65 to 67 is no big deal.. We have a Severe pilot shortage with more retiring than are entering the field. It is not hitting majors as much, but regionals are losing pilots to airlines because of retirees they they are being hurt pretty bad!
a person of ANY age can have health issues that pop up suddenly,or even be forgetful on occasion..making it a really "big" decision to change the maximun age from 65 to 67 is ridiculous..if a man or a woman has a complete physical (and i mean complete including cognitive ability as well as vison,both highly important for a pilot)rather than yearly,every six months,the age issue would not be there..the airlines are in need of competent,well trained people to fill empty slots on the flight deck..if memory serves me, there was a big deal made of increasing the retirement age of commercial pilots from 60 to 65 a few years ago..

sparkie624 1
So can anyone between 18 and 64! I have a Friend who is 72... He is more stable than a 25 year old and I would trust him in the cockpit before I would one of these 20 to 30 year olds!
avionik99 0
But this country has a reputation of not being able to screen out those with depleted cognitive abilities. Just look at who's in the White House now!
Bill Overdue -1
"Additional research"?... I'd say the FAA has around 60 years of "research"! They're just stalling to figure out how DEI fits into the equation.
sparkie624 0
And they need to redefine there parameters, because what they are doing is not working... But that is the Norm for the Feds in all departments.
avionik99 -1
Age discrimination? I thought that was Illegal in this day and age??


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