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Canada's Prime Minister Stuck in India After Aircraft Breaks Down

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to extend his visit to India after his Airbus aircraft broke down. He went to New Delhi for the G20 summit and planned to return on September 10 before a technical issue forced the plane's grounding. Trudeau's aircraft has faced these issues multiple times in the past. ( More...

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coinflyer 4
Paywall. Annoying.
avionik99 2
Should have went Boeing!
Don Belson 2
Why did you have Air Canada Pictures all through your article and not one picture of the Government Polaris CC150(A310) As stated by DJ Air Canada did not have anything to do with the broken Aircraft I think YOU SHOULD rewrite the Article and state Air Canada had nothing to do with it

Greg S 1
There are 4-5 photos of aircraft in the story, none of which is the aircraft in question. All were Air Canada aircraft. Are those just Air Canada ads?
houseofgold 1
This article was distracting with too many ads, text is broken up with random photos. I did not waste my time reading


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