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Unions Woo Airport Security Screeners

Public employee unions may be taking a shellacking in Wisconsin and Ohio, but that has not discouraged the unions representing federal employees from vying to recruit 44,000 airport screeners. It is the largest unionization effort of federal workers in the nation’s history. ( More...

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preacher1 0
Well, I have always been an advocate of individualism and "the more you learn, the more you earn". That being said, these folks have to decide if their dues will get them more than they have now and the fact that federal employees are not required to join, yet if it is voted in, they will receieve any benefits of same???
Jeff Grana 0
Wonderful....just what we need is another entity that it starting off to be just as inefficient and clumsy as government is. Surely you don't think they'll quit fondling your wives and children, do you? With a union, the incentive to is gone, plain and simple. Unions have long been outdated--we needed them once, but no longer.


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