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The Pilot and His Red Sharpie

Sometimes, the most indispensable tool is the simplest one. ( More...

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Gerard Grivois 7
OCD has been a good thing throughout my years of being a systems design engineer. I still keep the yellow highlighter handy.
James Werner 17
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean the world's not out to get me, so my CDO has served me well - that's OCD except the letters are in alphabetical order as they should be.

Indispensable attributes for flying and for engineering.
Jim Smirh 3
LOL!! 👍 <-(Thumb Up) Not sure this simple forum can take an emoji. 🤯
Dennis Fernkes 6
Great read. Everyone has their own way of remembering things. I like yours.
Randall Bursk 4
My airline had pads of cheat sheets in operation to carry in a flight kit with hotel pins that made life simple. Empty shirt pocket is so wrong.

John Taylor 2
I'd rather have a pilot who is OCD about accurate info than a lazy pilot who "knows what he's doing".
dodger4 -9
What about your brains? ...the *MEMORY* section of it I'm referring to. The only time you MIGHT need a ballpoint pen is copying your taxi clearance at LHR or LAX. That is, if you can't tap it into the MCDU or FMC (whatever you have in a -67) as he gives it to you.
James Simms 6
Fine, but the one time you forget something kills a hundred or so people who depended on you to ‘remember’ everything.
John Taylor 0
Forget the pax, I don't want to kill myself because of my own failures.
John Taylor 4
"Memory" becomes complacency. Biggest killer in aviation.


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