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Why order for Russian jets will turn Aeroflot into a replica of its former self

No longer able to access Western aircraft or technology, Russia’s flag carrier and its aerospace industry are being forced to turn inwards and do business together in a throwback to Soviet times. ( More...

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Larry Toler 6
I saw that coming. I still don't see a clean sheet design to compete with Boeing or Airbus. EASA or FAA will not clear it for international travel.

TERRY Smith 2
Bring back the AN-2.
rbt schaffer 2
They can probably build some smoke belching flame throwers, but their avionics will be limited to VFR
Michael Gaff 1
I think Russia will come back from the horror that Putin has foisted upon it.
They are capable of building great aircraft, but don't know what to do with them.
The Sukhoi series of aircraft are wonderful examples of engineering.
They have been set back decades by the dwarf but will recover.

Mushrooms cannot see the light until it is too late.


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