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"Operation Desert Sky" Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Air Posse

The air posse is made up of volunteers who are donating their time and aircraft to the operation. Article and Video Clip after the jump. ( More...

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mark tufts 0
that is a good move on the sherrif and may tha obama ppl stay out of it and learn
TTail 0
napolitano, the former govenor of arizona, should be ashamed of herself, she did NOTHING AND IS DOING NOTHING to help the legal citizens of arizona. SHE IS NOTHING BUT A POLITICAL MORON!!! HER POLITICS are lame, and she is so afraid of pissing the boss off. NTFS. sheriff joe?? would you please run for the president of the u.s.a. I WOULD VOTE FOR YOU!!!!
mark tufts 0
ttail i think sherrif joe should b president and as i said in my comment may the obama ppl watch and learn from sherrif joe as they WILL learn alot
Bill Halpin 0
Following the announcement of the operation, Chris Newman, General Counsel for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network e-mailed ABC15 saying the NDLON is calling for the Obama administration to intervene in Arpaio's air operation.

"I hate to think what else has to happen in Arizona before the Obama administration will intervene," wrote Newman.

What a bunch of Morons They want BO to stop Sheriff Joes Air Posse. I would love to see that commie pinko socialist shut down that operation because Sheriff Joe is enforcing the laws of the land.

Sheriff Joe is doing his job and costing General Counsel $$$$$$$$.

Jeff Grana 0
Most of the country just doesn't understand that Arpaio and Gv. Brewer have been doing these things because illegals are a serious and legitimate problem that doesn't affect 90% of the rest of the states.
Will Oswalt 0
Go get 'em, Sheriff Joe! Someone's gotta do it!


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