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American Eagle Embraer E145 Crash Lands in Freeport, Grand Bahama | Airways Magazine

An American Eagle (AA) has crash landed at the Freeport Airport (FPO) in the Grand Bahama region of the Bahamas. ( More...

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saso792 1
From the photos I see, it doesn't look like an overrun like some media is reporting. I'm thinking the same as was mentioned in the article, there was a gear issue The left main gear appears to be totally collapsed with the left wing on or almost on the ground. The right main gear is collapsed outward towards the right side wing tip and has most of the right wing off the ground. The nose gear looks really good. Glad everyone was okay and to the pilots, it looks like you had your hands full and we are pulling for you. This was an Envoy flight. Just my opinion for what it is or isn't worth.
linbb 1
Go away post on another site find something else to do. Troll the internet somewhere else and take MH370 with you.


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