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Chaos on board Delta flight #DL2385 after 8-hour delay at JFK

A “nightmare” JFK flight to Miami was delayed for so long that cops had to be summoned after fights broke out between frustrated — and exhausted — passengers. ( さらに...

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the issue is always gate space for a diverted or returning flight,and take off slots..the article is short and only says it was weather related..most pilots (and i do know what i am talking about)will wait for a certain time frame,during which they make announcemnets to the passengers regarding the delays and weather conditions..sitting out on a taxiway,or even close to the terminal for 8 hours is uncalled for...were the passengers offered the alternative to "deplane" and board a bus to get back to the terminal,or were they close enough to walk to a stairs on a jetway?.the issue of gate space is important, as would be deplaning passngers on the pushback area close to a gate,by stairs and then stairs back into the terminal..its a security issue and everyone who gets off has to be re screened and boarding passes and passenger list checked..possibly the captain did not want to deal with it..there is a just requires thought ,coordination and communication between work groups to do it..i have seen it from both the passengers viewpoint and the employees on the ground, and neither is pretty!!if police were able to get on the plane to calm down fights,then surely the passengers could have been taken off in some way to avoid such angry confrontations..
Not sure why the pilots would remain onboard for 8 hours. Return to the gate, send the pax into the terminal, end of discussion. No passenger want's to sit in an A320 for 8 hours going nowhere, and it doesn't make for happy customers.
That is sitting for no reason. Here's the deal though, they probably had no gate to return and It was probably one of a bunch of other flights on the hold limbo and didn't want to miss their spot in line to take off. It's not the PIC's because he/she is not getting enough info from ATC.
won't they EVER learn? the airlines, I mean... after all the history with this sort of occurrence, why does this still happen?
Differing reports interesting - CBS report states passengers were offered bus return to terminal as plane was parked in remote parking. That's been my Delta experience in long weather delays - opportunity to disembark but few have done that. Also snacks and water - no charge. Two reporting services, two differing stories. Possible a passenger hypes up a story, sends to a service that will give him/her media coverage? I've been in similar situations too many times to take what I first read as gospel.

Free snacks and water to sit for 8 hours . . . Hmmm . . .
Maybe I have some kind of amnesia, but didn't a one time the customer was catered too, instead of a consumer to be fleeced . . .
Thank Goodness this was an A320. If it had been a Boeing product Flight Away headline would read "Boeing passengers stranded on a 7XX plane for 8 hours."
btweston 1
You’re hilarious.
Flight Aware not away
Yes, several questions arise, the answer to which I do not know.
What about crew time? Isn't there a limit on on-duty time for pilots? An A320 is not likely to be a double-crew overseas run with two crews.
What issues are there with the computer system when passengers are taken off a plane? What do the ramp people do with the baggage if people are returned to the terminal to possibly seek alternate transportation out of there?
What happens to the ATC flight plan filed which has expired? And how long does it take "company" to re-assess weather, upper level winds and fuel loading and file a new flight plan and wait for approval?

Not making excuses for Delta, but it ain't as simple as it sounds. And yes, a nightmare for everyone.
About that luggage... We had a Delta flight from EWR, going to SDF via ATL (naturally). When we got to Atlanta, bad weather in Louisville cancelled our flight to there, so we were sent to a hotel. We had a 3 month old baby, and when we asked about our luggage, we were told it was in LOUISVILLE! It had gone on a different airplane! It was a fun night trying to find all that we needed for our baby!
dnorthern -7
New Yawkers. Their arrogance got the best of them.
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What the hell does that mean?


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