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Airbus A350-1000 Equipped With New Safety Feature

The first Airbus A350-1000, which was delivered to launch operator Qatar Airways in February, is equipped with a new safety feature that will now be standard across all A350-1000s. ( さらに...

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I wonder what altitude it takes the plane to and how that would work in mountainous terrain.
bbabis 2
Anymore, the aircraft knows more about where it is and the terrain below than the pilots. I’m sure the system is well integrated and safely avoids mountains. Auto emergency descent capability has been on many corporate jets for years and is particularly nice during single pilot operation.
Typically it's 15,000 feet MSL. This is a low enough altitude for human recovery and life, high enough to miss most terrain. Nothing is absolute.
sparkie624 -1
Mount Everest is at 29,000 plus feet
And many people who climb it use oxygen bottles and most of those who climb it, with or without oxygen bottles, spend a lot of time beforehand training at higher elevations to acclimate themselves. Even so, the vast majority of people who summit are in various stages of hypoxia. There's a reason it's called the "death zone".

I've done air force decompression chamber training several times and I've been exposed to 25,000 feet with my mask off each time. Believe me, you feel the effects very quickly and everyone's results on the skill-testing portion at that altitude drop off rapidly.
I went though that as well... It is an Eye Opening Experience! I remember that test we took.. UGH I failed... First and last thing you do is to sign your name.... First time looks ok... Second time... pretty much I am wonder what I was writing.
sdarrin 1
Cessna has been putting this in their aircraft since the XLS. It descends the aircraft to 15,000 if you're above FL310 with the autopilot engaged when the cabin pressure gets beyond the set limit. You can disengage it by turning off the autopilot.
The air force has developed something similar for the F-16 and it's already saved at least one pilot and aircraft.
This was discussed months ago...It is not a safety feature, it is:

A solution in search of a problem.

I noticed Qatar started bringing the A350 to Atllanta instead of the 777s.
Interesting system.... Wonder who has the last say (so to speak).... I can clearly hear 3 messages going off: while we are at it, look at the TCAS as well...

"Too High, Cabin Altitude"
"Too Low, Terrain"
"Climb Climb Climb"
All the noise may help roust the crew from their nap.
LOL... I love it...


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