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World's largest twin-engine jetliner closer to real

Big rumblings are going on at America's airplane capital -- the Boeing Co. aircraft factory north of Seattle. Engineers are moving forward with building the world's biggest twin-engine jetliner. ( More...

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Pileits 5
CNN what a bunch of news reporting LOSERS like most news programs have become. There is no REAL story here regarding the latest B-777 version other then a number of improvements to a 25yr old airplane.
CNN try's to make it sound like this airplane was just invented yesterday. In my book that makes for BAD news reporting making up a story where no real story exists.
This sort of money collecting reporting is only done so as to sell MORE papers or get MORE advertising revenue for CNN.
All these lame brain so-called news organizations ought to have to do some "naughty time" in the corner for so childishly trying to make up news where there isn't any.
joel wiley 5
At that, your attitude toward the Breathless News Network genre is more positive than mine. Breaking News 7x24x366, even when there isn't any.
Loral Thomas 1
Don't the auto makers do the same thing year after year after year? They try to improve on the vehicle with new do-dads. Boeing is doing the same thing. Airbus is doing the same thing.

And I do agree CNN is trash news most of the time. But every once in awhile they get something right.
matt jensen 3
commie news network
Jim Lynch 1
I stopped watching CNN years ago. It became more and more talk and show about less and less, and their 24/7/365 wall-to-wall blanket non-stop coverage with idiot so-called "experts" every time there is some unusual incident gives the definite impression the rest of the world has come to a screeching halt. FOX News is a no-brainer (literally), and unfortunately the BBC is going the same sad witless way.
When was the last time?
Ric Wernicke 1
Last time was today. They said Hillary was losing to Sanders in NH.
Tim Marks 2
At least Berbie has admitted he is a Socialist, BroomHillary is still hiding in the closet.
jbqwik 2
nothing to see here. keep moving...
saries 2
"Single aisle aircraft like the 737-MAX and A330neo" Reporting at its finest... Last I checked, the A330 was a twin-aisle...
Tim Lamborn 2
Or a canard wing 777 for those pesky short runways.
Tim Marks 1
Great comments by all, really hit the mark concerning non-aviation news agencies reporting on aviation events - just to fill some air time or open space in the newspapers. But let's face it, the tube and wing design of commercial aviation has been around for more than 100 years now and the technology to squeeze one more drop of efficiency out of the design is at the point of diminishing returns. We have all seen the blended wing/body concepts and the positive numbers discovered from utilizing this design toward higher efficiences - and larger interior space. The next 'big thing' is going to be which manufacturer decides to go this route and turn the design studies into reality. Then there will be some real break-thru news to report for the commercial aviation market.
WtfWtf 1
Wonder when they will go to a biplane like wing style
matt jensen 1
now that's funny
Erik Fotorny -1
They most likely won't. Bi-planes create to much drag and the drag could cause the wings to break if they are not strong enough. The monoplane is much faster, less drag and less stress on the aircraft.
Gary Roberts 0
Nice to see this made front page CNN news. Refreshingly different from their normal stuff. I wish it offered more info though. It's a stretch to categorize 'folding wingtips' into 'folding wings'
bentwing60 1
It was an infomercial. They are learning something from AB. It's called manipulate big news org. to advertise for you!

30west 0
What percent of the wing needs to fold before you would categorize it as a folding wing (it's about 11% on -9X and about 33% on the F/A-18)?


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