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World's Longest Flight Ends - Singapore Airlines 21

The longest flight in the world - Singapore Airlines Flight 21 will discontinue their 18 hour service from Newark (KEWR) to Singapore (WSSS):( As of tomorrow, the longest flight in the world will shuttle passengers on a 747-400 from Dallas, Texas to Sydney, Australia. That 15-hour, 25-minute hop on board Qantas 7 may not be the lengthiest in duration, but at 8,578 miles gate to gate, it'll lead the industry in miles flown. For a few more hours, however, Singapore Airlines' decade-long… ( さらに...

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I was a frequent customer, but the low, slow, fuel hungry Airbus did not shave so much time off the flight to make it worthwhile. It was comfy inside, and the crew was always super nice and eager to please. I could arrive on 74 or 77 comfort within a very few hours. There was still time to get in a days work.

One genuinely nice feature was it was all business. All through the journey one was not tripping over the unwashed riff-raff cutting in front of you, delaying boarding, choking customs, or grabbing all the baggage carts.

Airbus took back all five planes because they knew there would be no way to flog another A380 on Singapore without some clever deal to avoid other A380 buyers thinking the A380 was being dumped.


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