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Air service to Alaskan island ends despite new $75.5 million airport

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The Aleutian Island village of Akutan has a new $75.5 million airport -- on an island six miles across the water. Passengers will take a $100 hovercraft ride over the Bering Sea to catch their planes. ( さらに...

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this sounds like a bunch of hooy

I worked at the Trident seafood plant in 1990 when I left, a float plane (not the Goose I wanted to fly on) flew me to Dutch

an airport on another island seems stupid to me, if your going to have to ride a boat they might as well just keep driving it to Dutch
I've lived in Alaska my whole life, and yes, this seems like a waste of money. Although this does not sounds true. We have a very strong economy unlike the lower 48 from our oil as well.
Yeah, this is definently fake....
seems like Alaska has a nack for building things they don't
pjshield 1
yeah, and at taxpayer's expense. What a waste!


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