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FedEx Jet Has Control Issues

This article describes how the MD-11 is notoriously difficult to land in high wind conditions ( More...

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First, I agree that it was difficult to land in bad wind...but aren't all a/c? There is a new member to the forums who may shed more light and personal experiance on these issues. I am glad to see at least one news agency use an actual crew member who has first hand knowledge of the aircraft in question to complete their article.
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"On 20 February 2009, Northwest Airlines Flight 2 from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, the Philippines (using Boeing 747-400 equipment), experienced severe turbulence during landing at Narita International Airport (east of Tokyo, Japan). All 408 passengers and 14 crew members landed safely; however, 50 people were injured; around five were hospitalized. Currently the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau is investigating the incident."
Is there something wrong at Narita?


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