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Ryanair to ground 80 aircraft in winter of 11-12

ryanair is going to ground 80 aircraft in the winter of 11-12, to combat rising fuel costs. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 0
This airline should vertically integrate and purchase producing wells. This would fix their costs for fuel to the purchase price of the well, and allow them to rasberry OPEC.

The fuel price is a Red Herring, what they are really doing is rubbing the noses of airport operators into the tarmac. Winter weather curtails travel to many places in winter. Lower passenger and freight volumes mean lower costs for the airports, but they insist on charging carriers full price.

There was a time when airports operated to make travel easier. Now they are operated to fleece the passengers travelling through like highwaymen from the middle ages. Shame on the greedy politicians operating them.


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