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Atlas Air engine that caught in Miami had loose plug, NTSB says

An Atlas Air freighter had an engine inspection four days before an engine fire forced an emergency landing, the NTSB said on Friday. ( More...

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jim sisti 10
Shades of ValuJet. Hire the low bid outside contractor for a better bottom line,until it comes back to bite you. Since it is Miami, I wonder if that contractor is even still around, or if they packed up their tools and moved on.
stratofan 18
When I was a young man in the USAF several years ago. The line chief we had while working on the BUFF, told us. You will have a safety person check behind you. Not to say you were doing sloppy work, just a precaution to be sure. Seems that some have forgotten that detail.
sparkie624 6
I remember one time I have to safety a Left Handed Threaded bold on a Dash 8 Engine... This was one that if you are good at it, it takes 20 minutes... Inspector looked at it, clipped it and said it was safetied Backwards... I told him.. Nope as I handed him the spool of Safety Wire... It is Left Hand Threads! - He was not happy, but he fixed it and I QC'd it for him.
Erik Bruner -5
Sorry not even close....
That incident involved emergency oxygen canisters and wheels.
Far from a loose plug.
jim sisti 11
Eric, never said it was due to oxygen cylinders. What I was pointing out was low bid, non company contractors in BOTH cases were the problem. In ValuJet case, they failed to insert the pin to prevent the generators from triggering, causing a fire and death. In the 747 case, another low bid contract maintenance firm failed to do the job correctly. When you go cheap, you will end up paying for it in the long run.
Ken Jackson 1
It is never about what a thing costs. It is, rather, the value received for that cost that matters.
Sam Hobbs 2
They say "you get what you pay for" for a reason.
bobfiegel 4
When I went on Red X orders long, long ago (1966), my shop chief told me, "I don't ever want to hear that you couldn't see it. If the guy before you did it he has to have smelled it, heard it, felt it, or seen it. Go forth and do no less." [Red Headed MSgt Edward D. Davis] I'll remember him until the day I die.

Reputation: You KNOW not to put that panel on before I get there. Take it back off.
Erik Bruner 7
Atlas Air engine that caught in Miami..... Caught what, a bug?
Proofreading is a thing.
Edward Rees 6
Proofreading needs to be brought back. Most publications in Australia contain scores of errors including errors of fact which is inexcusable.
On the same level as mechanics not checking their work or being checked.
Ron Slater 2
Looks like they read your comment and corrected it. I always wondered if the writers read the comments
SorenTwin 6
Don't be a proofreader. It's still there.
21voyageur 6
As of Feb.16 @ 8:08 EST, still see the results of the same sloppy editing.
Sam Hobbs 1
Are you referring to the article in FreightWaves or the squawk here about it? The squawk here is still the same, three days later.

I have seen many times people leave off important words like that and when I try to explain it to them they get upset.
sparkie624 4
oops... Some Mechanic goofed on that one.. Those are Locking and many times safetied..
Stephen Rogers 1
I would expect so. They are sort of important.
Phil Nolden 2
Nice Job by the crew!
Stephen Rogers 2
That is really bad. Two people had to miss it. And yet signed saying they did it okay. I'm sure it was one of just many things they had to check, but still it's an engine, they are sort of important.

We were not only supposed to check what we were in there to check but we had to check all around the area, we used to look at everything within 36" to see if there was anything out of order. Crack, loose bolts, FOD, etc.

I guess those days are gone.
Tim Dyck 4
I was taught that an inspection is to find everything that is possibly wrong with the aircraft. I used to go in challenging myself to find something, it was an exercise that made me more aware of all the components in my range of vision. I have found structural cracks that were not in the aria I was inspecting and all I got for it was a lecture on schedules and how much delays cost.
trentenjet 3
Contract maintenance in Miami is known for being bad and I would believe maybe something don on purpose.
Ken Lane 2
Quality control standards are slipping badly in the civilian world. In the Navy, such an act would get you called before the department head at a minimum. You might escape being written up. But, if it's a second failure then you'd definitely get written up.
Stephen Rogers 3
In my outfit, you would be suspended from working alone for six months and have a few hours of remedial training.
Fritz Cooper 2
How many lashes at the main mast?
Frank Barrett 1
What did it catch?
Nah, with everyone banging on today about their "rights", you're probably flogging a dead horse! Happy Saturday!


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