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Boeing will go bankrupt at this pace.

When does it this corporate nightmare end (maybe it never did)? ( More...

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TWA55 14
It is not just Boeing, this is becoming the trend for America. Reality will hit us like a bat if changes don't come soon. Take it from an older person who has seen better days.
Derek Vaughn 4
It may be too late.
In the good old days you started on the factory floor and, if you were good enough, progressed up through the company and could get to the very top. Today it is the bean counters, rather than the engineers, that seem to scale the heights and therein lies the problem.
21voyageur 7
IMHO, the fundamental problem is corporate and societal greed whereby sales/profit is the only asset while safety is a liability on the balance sheet. BIG problem. However, interestingly enough, greed may take care of the Boeing problem while investors look elsewhere. Tick? tick? tick?
Brian Chandler -9
This isn't insight. This is just regurgitation of bs you have seen elsewhere a million times just for the sake of having something to say. It's of no value
Phil Caron 7
Boeingggg, Boeingggg, Boeinggggggg, Gone!
jmilleratp 5
This is what happens when you try to save a few dollars here and there.
avionik99 -2
Actually this happened due to "undocumented maintenance" by the maintainers. Had zero to do with saving any money.
James Driskell 12
I would appear to me that the design of the infamous door plug is wrong. Who in their right minds would put a "patch" on an outside opening of a pressure vessel and secure it with bolts? An inside flange on the plug would have precluded all this nonsense. It could easily be removed if needed but it sure wouldn't blow out, even if the attaching bolts were loose or gone.
jmilleratp 9
Just trying to save some money by doing things the cheapest way possible.
Marc Rodstein 3
There is a flange that holds the door in place. The door cannot come loose unless it is lifted above the flange brackets. The infamous bolts merely restrain the door from lifting out of its retention bracets. The brackets are permanently mounted and keep the door in place. The bolts do not hold the door on, they only keep the door from lifting past the retention brackets. The only way the door can come loose is if the bolts are missing.
If the flange holds the door plug in place and the bolts just restrain excessive movement, without which the plug can fail, then why use bolts? When I shut my house door the lock automatically closes and I have to use my key to unlock and open it.
A valid point was also made by 'tenxes' - the door plug works if installed correctly (were the bolts correctly fitted/or even missing??)
So is there an alternative to bolts ??
tenxes 1
Given that this door plug design actually works if assembled correctly, what is the sense of using anything but a plug door in a fitting that is intended for at least occasional use as an emergency exit?
M20ExecDriver 3
Boeing isn't going anywhere. It's firmly entrenched in the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned the nation about many years ago. All this Max hoopla will blow over and the stock will recover.
Ed Allen 7
Boeing. Leading the industry on How to Go broke! we aren’t satisfied until our arrogance kills you!
Dan Nelson 14
The wheels are falling off of... America
The lowering of academic standards in schools and the lack of law enforcement is beginning to affect all aspects of America life. Look around, everywhere there is s lack of pride of a job done well. Only the bare minimum is "good enough".It is very obvious that this has crept into the aviation world, which is unacceptable.No business is more demanding of perfection than aviation, anything less that the very best efforts is unacceptable.
C J 13
The lowering of academic standards in schools and the lack of law enforcement is beginning to affect all aspects of America(N) life. Look around, everywhere there is s (DELETE S, INSERT A) lack of pride of (DELETE OF, INSERT IN) a job done well. Only the bare minimum is "good enough" (GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT). (INSERT SPACE AFTER PERIOD) It is very obvious that this has crept into the aviation world, which is unacceptable.(INSERT SPACE AFTER PERIOD) No business is more demanding of perfection than aviation (DEBATABLE), anything less that (DELETE THAT, INSERT THAN) the very best efforts is unacceptable.

Nailed it.
Lee Withers 14
OK, They let the moron, pardon me, the media loose again. To blame Boeing for a problem on a 757, that hasn’t been manufactured in nearly 20 years has got to be the height, or depth of being clueless. How many tire changes has occurred in those 20 years? An article I looked up said tire changes happen every 2-3 years so there’s been quite a few changes . My mind says airline maintenance is the culprit here.
I think that using the authors reasoning we should blame our universities for turning out “journalists” that really do not have a clue as to what they are writing about.
beilstwh 6
You do realize that the last repair on the plug was done by Boeing? That kt was their own technicians that didn't tighten up the bolts.
Matt West 6
While I 100% agree with your analysis vis a vis whose fault this is, I think the only reason you have negative votes is the tone used in the first sentence.

You have an extremely valid point, but most probably stopped reading with the "moron" comment.
Geoff Rowe 8
I think though, that it is long past the time when we should delicately refer to those of the so-called journalistic profession. They have comprehensively failed in all matters that relate to their profession.
Dan Nelson 6
Many journalists today are nothing more than activists. They never present both sides to any story.
Pat Barry 3
That's because many journalists are freelance, independent journalists who are paid by the article. If they write status quo articles they won't find a buyer but if they write "fresh news", critical, then they will find buyers for their items. Consequently, much of wat we read is slime.
Noyb family 3
So why are you here wasting your time reading slime?
Mike Henderson 2
Uncle Sam will pick up the bill to keep them in the game.
avionik99 0
Imagine what would happen if Boeing went bankrupt and out of business? The total jobs lost? The income lost to this country? It would be devastating to say the least. So yeah, I think it would be in everyone's best interest to keep them afloat!
Noyb family 2
Feed the pig
TWA55 2
Yes you are correct, except it has never worked eg. the U.S. auto industry among others. Maybe it is time to let the jungle settle who survives and who does not.
Trevor Susman 1
They best way to solve this problem is when a bolt is tightened another person should check it and put a spot of red paint on the side of the bolt so you can see it's been checked
Grd Newell 1
Shorting the stock are you? lol
William Medlin 0
Many journalist seem to befearmongering concerning Boeing airscraft. I understand that the door plug was removed and reinstalled during aircraft maintenance.That report would seem to indicatea maintenance/inspection failure, not designnor construction. Someone signed off on that procedure as completed corectly,
avionik99 1
Someone signed off on that procedure as completed corectly,

As I read it that was another issue, it was never documented as being removed and reinstalled.
SkyAware123 1
Repeated F ups don't convince you there is a big problem?
boughbw 1
That is not what he said, but go ahead as if it were.

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boughbw 3
Yes, a sophisticated modern airliner has issues with engineering and quality control and the first thing in your little brain is "it's because of giving jobs to blacks and Mexicans."
jeff creek 2
Avionik99 does not like the fact that his white male discount card is not going to get renewed, and does not like playing on a level field.
avionik99 1
Level field means your discount card does not have your race or sex stated on it because it is irrelevant and Racist. Racism (DEI) puts those items in large bold print and is a disgrace to all liberals as they stand against all forms of Racism.
Brian Freeman -1
boughbw - YOU are the one taking a highly complex topic and boiling it down to racism. Therein lies the entire problem. The debate of diversity hiring vs. meritocracy far transcends your childlike analysis of the topic.
boughbw 1
I'm not. Check again.

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beilstwh 10
What are you talking about? the Tuskegee Red Tails were such an effective group that bomber crews specifically requested that they escort their missions because a lot more of the planes returned alive.
jeff creek -2
Sarcasm. look up a picture of General Brown jr, a very distinguished fighter jock. Read his bio.
jeff creek 2
Does anyone understand sarcasm anymore? What I wrote was not anti DEI. Absolutely the opposite. It is pointing out the ironic.
Philip Lanum 2
Most people put a /s after the sarcasm.

Learn how to post.
jeff creek 3
One can also see what DEI accomplishes is by looking at the US military, and it's use of DEI. It was the first major use of it. One reason that General Powell gave in his book of why he joined the ARMY, was that is use DEI would let him achieve to his fullest abilities, regardless of his ethnicity. I would think all would agree that that he did that. One might want to ask Ann Dunwoody her opinion on this.
Boeing knows that the US Goverment would never let them go bankrupt ! Uncle Sam need you!
Brian Freeman -4
Diversity/Gen X/Gen Z hiring consequences?? We're seeing an overall lack of quality in many industries and it's only going to get worse. We've allowed the creation of a culture that only cares about themselves - not service before self. Pray we don't get into a large war and need soldiers.
SkyAware123 -4
no doubt. Woke over quality
SkyAware123 -7
demento joe is handing out money left and right so why not a couple billion for boeing?
TWA55 -2
A prime example as to why America is failing. Being a child of the mid 1950's it is hard to watch what has happend to our country.


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