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Ukraine Shoots Down Two Russian Spy Planes in Blow to Russia's War Effort

In a significant development, Ukraine claims to have successfully shot down a Russian A-50 spy plane and an IL-22 command aircraft, marking a major blow to the Kremlin's air force. General Valerii Zaluzhny announced the destruction of the prized warplanes, highlighting the potential disruption to Russia's missile capabilities and the resilience of Ukrainian forces in countering advanced air assets. The incident raises questions about the evolving dynamics of the conflict and the… ( More...

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avionik99 16
A U-2 is a spy plane. This A-50 seems to be more of an Airborne Command and Control platform.
James Simms 10
It flies, it dies…..
Ron Slater 8
Every time I see a picture of a Russian aircraft I try to guess what US aircraft they copied, but this A-50 is a tough one. Any guesses?
ScottCurtis777 5
it looks like a modified CL-415
sparkie624 2
I am surprised Russia is not call "Xerox"
druck13 7
The picture of the A-50 is correct, but I'm puzzled why there are pictures of a Ukraine International Embraer E195LR and an Aeroflot A350, neither of which is an IL-22s, that is a 4 engined turbo prop.
Jon Schwartz 4
the meat grinder continues on....
Torsten Hoff 10
Ukraine is taking credit for the downings, but there is a strong possibility that this was Russian incompetence.

The A-50 *could* have potentially been downed by Ukraine, but they would have had to move a Patriot system very close to the front lines. The IL-22M on the other hand operated near the Kerch bridge at the eastern side of Crimea and would have been beyond the reach of either the Patriot or S-300 systems.

In addition, there were posts from Russian social media accounts that lamented that the downings did not involve enemy action, corroborating that this was friendly fire.
Wonder if Ukraine have any SA-5 Gammon long range SAMs left?.
Jim Mitchell 5
You put a lot of faith in social media which can't corroborate dick shit. You don't know if the US or any other country has provided a long range air to air missle to Ukraine.
sparkie624 5
Just shows you how well the Russian Airforce is setup! Guess they are not the super power they think they are.
Nooge 1
Guess they are no longer the super power they were thanks to Ukraine
Bill Overdue -6
Hmm, how many nuclear devices does Ukraine have? Exactly, ZERO! How many does Russia have? Approx 5,977 nuclear weapons! Stop pretending to be intelligent on such matters! Clearly, you can't be taken as a serious person!
CaptJohn1 10
Perhaps you have forgotten the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 when Ukraine was the third largest nuclear power, left over from the Soviet Union? When they gave up their arsenal in exchange for a promise form the Russians to leave them alone. And from this war we can see just how well Russian equipment has performed. Not to mention Russia's new "undefeatable" hypersonic missiles being shot down by Patriot missiles systems. One has to wonder how well their conventional missiles will perform against western anti missile systems.......
Bill Overdue -4
Geez you guys dont know when to throw in the towel! Who talked Ukraine into that disaster? Oh wait, Bill Clinton! Try harder!
Nooge 1
Who wont know when to throw in the towel!
Bill Overdue 0
So are you saying President Clinton DIDN'T talk Ukraine into surrendering their nukes to Russia? Any 3rd grader knows he did, dint you?
lonny lowe 4
Ukraine's allies, of which the U.S.A. is one, have quite a few.
Bill Overdue -4
Yes, and there's a lot of them dying for a country they can't find on a map! Of course that's what Biden wants to do! How many Americans does it take to be left unnecessarily in a country, Afghanistan comes to mind, where we fought for 20 years before it even gets the attention of war mongers, perhaps as yourself? When Biden screwed up Trumps plan to exit Afghanistan, and left thousands of Americans, not to mention killed 13 military personnel, how many "allies", thought that was "ok"? How many taxpayers thought that was ok? The Biden Administration, war mongers as they are, know most of our "allies" want to get out of Ukraine! But no, Biden and DIMM war mongers, perhaps as you, would rather tempt World War 3 than have Russia and Ukraine negotiate? I wonder how much Raytheon stock you have?
rbt schaffer 7
Little country that supplies 20% of the worlds wheat and grain oils. Also has over a trillion in natural resources including titanium and steel ores
Nooge 2
Here we go again with Bills delusional version of what happened

AS usual he is at wits end and it did not take long for him to get there

Lets just ignore Trumps National Security Advisor who was in the room and pay attention to Bill

The Independent

‘We defeated ourselves’: Trump’s national security adviser says Pompeo signed ‘surrender agreement’ with Taliban
Former Trump administration officials are seeking to distance themselves from Taliban peace deal

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Wednesday 25 August 2021

HR McMaster, one of Donald Trump’s former national security advisers, has condemned the deal struck with the Taliban during the previous administration as a “surrender agreement”.

“Our secretary of state [Mike Pompeo] signed a surrender agreement with the Taliban,” Mr McMaster said on Bari Weiss’ podcast Honestly.

“This collapse goes back to the capitulation agreement of 2020. The Taliban didn’t defeat us. We defeated ourselves.”
Bill Overdue 0
You're a funny guy! Trump Derangement Syndrome still LIVES! I think McMaster was also in the room when Trump was on the call with Zelensky! McMaster was ok until he wasn't, that being when he fell in with the "irrefutable evidence" of the Russian election interference hoax, he was summarily fired! Personally, I thought his dismissal was long overdue. Pompeo's biggest achievement was "not getting fired", and it wasn't long until he was on the DIMM payroll. After Trumps annihilation of ISIS and other remnants of Al Qaeda, his plan to exit Afghanistan was already in place for Biden. Since The Timid Imbeciles abysmal failure at simply executing the withdrawal already on the table, of course he blamed Trump for the suicide bomber that killed 13 soldiers, and leaving 1000's of Americans in country. To compound the ignorance of The Timid Imbecile, he left $90,000,000,000 of military armament in the desert along with surrendering our $75,000,000 Bagram Airbase. He even left the dogs to be killed and eaten by the Taliban? Then he airlifts 130,000 Afghans, mostly men, 18-35 ito bases in the US, where they begin raping and pillaging women, only to be set free into the vast American countryside! Try harder when you cut/paste nonsense from your favorite commie news outlet, its embarrassing!
Jim Mitchell -1
The US waited for WWI and WWII to come to them before they got involved. Gonna wait til some early Sunday morning in December again? Just so you know it's almost inevitable that WWIII is coming.
Bill Overdue -3
Yes its coming. But waiting for it, and enticing it are 2 totally different strategies! The Timid Imbecile is CLEARLY enticing it! Not to worry, WW3 won't be fought in Russia/Ukraine ... it'll be nuclear in the Arabian Desert. "as it were a sea of glass"! In other words, what do you get when 100 million degree Celsius comes into contact with sand?
patrick baker 7
the ukies will have these brilliant things happen, but until the Senate and the House get off their ego chairs and send lots of explodeable toys to the only folks in the world currently killing russian troops, this war wil l take years to resolve. The ukranians are happy to be our surrogates in this war, as they despise all things russian. This war is poison to thee soviet economy, so another good reason to keep sending and sending.
BlueOak 7
“thee soviet economy”

Except, the “soviet economy” has been dead for over three decades, since 1991, the year the USSR died.
Nooge 6

Defeat Russia
Bill Overdue -4
Pipe dream!
Nooge 6
Put down your pipe
Greg S -5
Treating Ukrainian and Russian lives as expendable is disgusting. Yours is an all too common ghoulish attitude amongst Americans, especially in the Democratic Party.
rbt schaffer 16
War is disgusting... Russian war in Ukraine is disgusting... Indiscriminate bombing of cities, rape and pillage in Ukraine is disgusting... Russian ORCS demise is a just outcome.. Russia brought this war upon themselves and got bit in the arse
Nooge -6
Yours is an all too common ignorant attitude amongst Magat Americans, especially in the Cult 45 Party.

Meat grinder ? after 20 years of a war started by Dubya MD your Commander in Cheat surrendered

McMaster was in the room

Look it up they dont report that on Fox Conned servative Entertainment
Greg S 2
I never mentioned meat grinder, simpleton. You seem to be confused.
Nooge -2
No another Magat like you who wants to surrender did

I repeat

Yours is an all too common foolish attitude amongst Americans that Iraq attacked us on 911, especially in the Republican Party.

Did you vote for Dubya MD ? in other words putting a Simpleton in the WH who
Treated Iraqi and American lives as expendable is disgusting.
Greg S 1
I'm not a "MAGAT", retard.
Bill Overdue -7
Your analysis is insane! "Ukrainians are happy to be our surrogate"? WTF are you smoking? Ask any John Doe Ukrainian vitizen! The comedian turned Marxist dictator tells a story of winning while the media blocks what's "really" happening on the ground is repugnant!
Jim Mitchell 7
I smell a Commie!
Nooge -1
He is actually a Trumpterd Overdue for an intervention

Sadly masks dont stop the spread of stupidity and there no cure or vaccine for Magat-ism
Greg S 2
It appears the IL-22 successfully landed with heavy damage and at least some crew casualties.
rbt schaffer 3
Besides the left tail section, the 'commander' which I assume is the PIC was killed.. makes some sense if the whole left side got peppered
rbt schaffer 3
Good shooting Ukraine... Ukrainians have gained my respect for their ingenuity in using tactics never imagined by weapons designers and their LOVE for their country... Give them the Whole Nine Yards
sweeper239 1
Instead of talking about the spy plane this has turned into some BS political discourse so far removed from the topic. this is not a political forum !
Cleffer -4
Go figure. The media gets YET ANOTHER aviation story wrong.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

M.F. LaBoo 5
You didn't see the photo of the Il-22's colandered tailfeathers, I guess.
Bill Overdue -5
Yep, that's all it is!
This claim Is just a precursor for Zelenskyy’s next trip to Washington to beg Biden for mo-money, mo-money, our-money.
Nooge -3
Mo -Commander in Cheat Putin is a Genius nonsense Mo -Commander in Cheat Putin is a Genius nonsense

Mo -Commander in Cheat Putin is a Genius nonsense Mo -Commander in Cheat Putin is a Genius nonsense

You know the guy who surrendered to the Taliban
Valerie Scott 5
Trump, he invited the Taliban to camp David.
Bill Overdue -9
Well, so the "unwinnable" war gets another jolt of "air superiority"... such a sham! As the Ukrainian forces meat grinder enters its 2nd year, and the USA continues to burn billions in "unwinnable" conflict, the Ukraine oligarchs and military hierarchy skim billions off the top and buy prime real estate in Switzerland! It's all about Democrats keeping the arms dealers in business so their perpetual kickbacks will continue!
Jim Fisher 5
Your posted to an earlier poster seems apropos here - "Your analysis shows lack of knowing what you're talking about. Try harder."
Bill Overdue -4
Oh you noticed, what part of it was wrong by the way?
Nooge 4
We were Overdue for a Trumpterds perspective

Aid to Ukraine is 5% of out Military budget ..the other 95 % is primarily used to project power against out enemies Russia and China ...This " sham " besides opposing war crime has resulted in Russian capability reduced to a fraction of what it was

Of course Bill is a conned-servative who repeats what he hears and believes the Russian Asset he voted to put in the WH

Bill Overhishead when in a meaningful discussion never wonders what the Commander in Chief agreed to in those private meetings with Putin when bone spurs torn up the translators notes
Bill Overdue -1
What's your fetish with Trump? I suspect besides being jealous at his leadership, foreign policy and making NATO pay up, among other thjngs, you also despise his tactics with dictators. It was pretty simple, don't phuck with me ot I will annihilate you. Instead you'd rather have your President taking millions in bribes from "all 3 or our enemies"? At least 30 million, so far! Since Trump left, it's ok to now castrate young boys and remove breasts from 11 yr old girls. Allow men to pretend they're women to compete against them, even use the same dressing rooms. Gas had nearly tripled. Planes incursions are at record highs, trains derailing at record highs, 9 millions more illegal aliens to feed and house and an imbecile that cannot put 2 sentences together, ride a bike or walk a staircase! He has no idea where he is,.and what he's saying! When DIMM mega donors donors start backing the likes of Nikki Haley, a Marxist warmonger... you know somethings wrong. Give the Trump bashing a rest, it's becoming boorish and tiresome!
Bill Overdue -4
Well let's do some math, try and stay up. Putin has nearly 6,000 nuclear weapons while Zelensky has ZERO. Now who's going to win? Have you ever wondered why Biden "forced" Zelensky to not accept Putins deal to negotiate a cease fire not long after it started? 🤔 Think about it.
Nooge 3
Its ByeDon Billy

Joe is not a Putin Asset like your Commander in Cheat POSOTUS
Bill Overdue 1
Such a mindnumbingly obtuse statement. Pathetic really!
Dave K -2
Did the 60 year old ghost of Kiev do this in his shiny new F16?


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