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Passengers Restrained on American Airlines and Qantas Flights After Dramatic Outbursts

At approximately the same time, two unrelated incidents involved disciplinary actions against unruly passengers. The first incident occurred on an American Airlines flight on December 30, while the second occurred on a Qantas flight the following day. Cases involving unruly passengers have been rising since the pandemic, with these incidents increasing by 47% from 2021 to 2022. ( More...

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Nultech 10
We may be approaching the day when we all lie down on pallets and are strapped to them, then loaded onto planes by forklift. :)
Sidney Smith 7
At least FedEx and UPS will get us there on time ;)
David Beattie 3
Largely because they DON’T carry people. 😜 Also, they can do things like drop an aircraft in to pick up cargo from a broken airplane or excess cargo at a station. At pax airlines, you would never get away with stopping a transcon flight in Kansas City to pick up stranded pax.
Lance Neward 3
No, but they do make unscheduled stops to drop off unruly pax. As a non-rev I personally was involved in subduing an unruly ex-employee of the airline on a flight JFK-SFO. Only time in my career I had to use the supplied handcuffs, and the Capt wisely chose to make an unscheduled visit to MCI, at which point the offender was duly removed by the local gendarmes.
MrTommy 13
The older I get, and the less need for flying, I will stay away from flying every chance I get. The cheaper the tickets get, the more low-class people fly. Not that I consider myself "high class", I am far from the no-class crowd.
Ed Crist 6
I agree. Showing my age here, but in 1964 I flew on my first passenger jet, a flight from Dallas to Houston. I was returning to college from my home in west Texas. Everyone was dressed nicely and everyone was polite. The Braniff cabin crew were outstanding as were passengers before boarding and during the short flight. Things have certainly gone downhill from there. I also refuse to fly anymore. If I can't drive there, I don't go.
There is a current meme showing a well-dressed couple on an airline enjoying a sumptuous meal. The man exclaims, "OMG, Susan! Can you imagine how luxurious planes in 50 years will be?" The other half of the meme shows the fold-down tray with a tiny package of pretzels and a soft drink in a plastic cup.
Gayle Woods 3
Yes. I have seen that and is spot on.
David Beattie 3
Yes, this has been the progression of every form of transportation back to horses. In the UK and very occasionally in the USA, you still hear the expression “The carriage trade” originally meaning the folks rich enough to own a carriage and driver rather than ride a horse and cart. Now we all have our own “carriage”. Steamships were mostly for the wealthy and lower class folks rode like cattle below decks and could not go above. Now the ships are packed to the gunwales with the hoi polloi. As Walmart has proven, there is more money to be made selling to the middle and low classes than the top 5%.
Paul Gabriel 3
What factually suggests anything about the class, high or low, of either disruptive individual? Nothing. There are plenty of stories of wealthy folks being disruptive on flights worldwide. The only time I witnessed behavior requiring flight crew intervention was a woman acting out who was wearing a watch and jewelry that appeared to be worth 5 to 7 transatlantic trips in business if not first class.
Tom McLean 9
Never confuse class with wealth...
Stuart Barkley 2
or wealth with class!
Lance Neward 2
Part of the problem is that there are so many people flying who cannot even identify themselves, as in "Do you know who I am?"
Marc Rodstein 5
It's not class in terms of wealth, it's classiness of behavior. People of all income strata are just not as classy as they once were.
Doug Parker 2
Classiness in terms of one's ability to self-assess, self-control, and not project their problems onto others.

Comedian Jim Carrey says, “The eyes can be a screen as well as a projector.” Someone not liking a part of themselves projects it onto others, then attacks the others because—in a very sick way—they've disconnected themselves from their own things that are originally their problem and problems.
Gayle Woods 1
So true, unfortunately.
Well said
Perhaps this increase in behavior is because there are no real serious consequences.
ko25701 4
Airline travel has become stressful, when in the past it was actually luxurious. The airline shareholders demand for profits and flyers seeking cheap tickets have caused the increase in stress.
Idiots who can't deal with the stress of modern airline fights need to find alternatives.
Byrna55 3
The sheer narrowness of the seats is enough to cause stress. The pitch also is becoming a luxury and no human should be allowed to withstand the near-claustrophobia pressure of flying in an uncomfortably tight position for hours at a time!
Or, why not ask the managers at the Airlines, the airports and the Governments to make our experience less stressful. They owe this to us as it was the tax payers who bailed them out during the pandemic and on other occasions in the past.
Byrna55 3
I think that’s a good idea, but it’s an even better idea to request that governments and airplane mfgs have larger minimum seat width and pitch requirements for economy class. What will the airlines do if all the planes come with 18”W x whatever” pitch seats or larger due to LEGAL requirements? Refuse to buy new planes? Governments all over the planet are not leading and don’t care about people. They only care about getting votes!
International flights should be carefully monitored , coordinated and screened.

Eventually crew members cannot predict what is going to happen on the flight , however they should be prepared for all case scenarios.

The role of a Captain and crew members would be to descale the situation and determine the severity of the situation.
Incidents onboard will vary, usually it’s the Alcohol abuse, argument between passengers or a Mental disorder.

Security, customer service and flight crew should closely observe behavior , obvious signs of distress and alcohol smell prior to boarding and international flights.

This will minimize threats onboard when the Aircraft has already departed.

At times some passengers would get involved in a situation Without even knowing what is going on.
To avoid liability and making things worse, Passengers should not be involved in taking things in their own hands, unless a crew member ask for help .

The decision to return to the gate or to make an emergency landing rests with the captain.
except for possible side effects or even legal challenges,its a shame flight crew cannot just shoot a tranquilizer dart at the person causing a commotion,or even give them a shot of something to calm and cause sleep!if you have to duct tape someone to a chair and physically hold them down for a long period of time,that seems worse..!
jmwarren85 5
Without knowing a persons medical history, this is a very dangerous proposition which could result in a severe reaction to any medication. Not to mention the flight attendants would be required to undergo medical training at great cost which then also increases wages.
greg cotten 6
Put in the contract of carriage - we will trank you if you are unruly-at your own risk. Singapore prints on the arrival card, I am paraphrasing, “Carry drugs, we kill you!” Not a lot of legal wiggle room there!
Doug Parker 1
I did some Googling on “arrival card,” and found exactly that.
jmwarren85 1
That’s related to the country’s strict stance on smuggling and possession of illicit substances not Karen flipping her lid in a plane.
Tim Dyck 3
So put in big bold letters on the ticket “if you disrupt we will kill you!” I think that message would make people think befor disrupting.
Ed Crist 5
Well, if they do have a "medical history" maybe they shouldn't cause a problem. Part of the safety briefing could be that if you act like a moron/idiot on this flight, we will sedate you and duct tape you to the floor. You know, so everyone can walk on you getting off the plane.
Billy Croan 1
If you're trying to cover someone's face in tape without their consent, don't be surprised if they start yelling about attempted murder.
darjr26 1
Five hours in coach in a 737? That might get me screaming.
John Early 2
Five hours- that’s just a direct flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. I’ve flown it many times in coach. Not a problem here.
darjr26 2
Yeah, but all the flights you are on are “Early “. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)
srobak -1
"approximately the same time" ≠ "the next day". More stellar "reporting" by aeroexplorer.
Alan Glover 0
Surprised you're still here....and still whining. ;)
srobak 0
Been here since long before you and will be long after you're gone. Not surprised you're an AE apologist.
Randall Bursk 0
Just takes leaving attitude home. I gotten mad twice in my life. One time it was my mistake. Not the mechanic. He reminded me every time we saw each other in the terminal. Make the best out of each day. Reset each night at midnight.

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