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Woman with Loaded Gun Stopped by TSA at Washington-Reagan Airport

Washington's Reagan National Airport (DCA) has seen multiple incidents regarding travelers carrying guns through the airport. On Christmas Eve, the latest addition to this frighteningly increasing number involved a woman attempting to bring a loaded handgun through TSA. ( More...

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KatzyBaby 9
Just because a State has an open carry law, this does not supercede the Federal laws. Great responsibility comes with carrying/using guns, great knowledge and wisdom should also be required.
Tim Dyck 8
There was a sign in the Anchorage Airport that asked customers to please check their carry on for firearms or ammunition before checking through security. Maybe signs like this need to be in every airport.
btweston -5
I contend that if you don’t know where your gun is you don’t need to have a gun. But the second amendment was designed for idiots so we’ll just keep reading articles about idiots who lose track of their guns.
Tim Dyck 6
My post had nothing to do with politics so I would appreciate if you could leave your politics out of it. If you want to make yourself look like a total idiot then may I recommend Facebook or Twitter? They both cater to your kind of low intellect type of discussions.
lynx318 -3
2nd amendment is a direct reason why this crud keeps happening, good sir.
Randall Bursk 5
Use common sense. Teach your children to respect, honor, laws, cultures, environment around the world. Have a good heart. Stop complaining. Sit down and work out problems with friends, enemies. Stop being brainwashed and manipulated. CAVOK
As a modern American teacher at a University, I could not agree with you more. And, if they do not agree with my ideas, theories and culture - DESTROY everything about them. Their job, their reputation, their home and their family structure as they have not come lock stop with my delusions.
Alan Zelt 14
Strange post. It makes it seem that women are not entitled to be as stupid as men.
rbt schaffer 7
Flew a few rifles years ago to go hunting... Bolts removed and no ammo as recommended by airline and FAA policy... Put them in hard cases and duct taped to keep closed during 'handling' by loaders... Apparently there were cases years ago with checked guns in cases discharging with chambered rounds while dropped by baggage handlers... Can't understand people carrying a gun on purpose or by 'mistake'... They are either completely irresponsible or criminal.
aurodoc 5
or stupid
Bryan Williams 3
I went through TSA screening in a northern airport with 2 14 oz bottles of Diet Pepsi Free in my backpack. I honestly forgot they were there. The screener missed them, and I saw why. Several airports missed a foldable knife I thought I lost in my carry-on bag. If it's that easy, the liquid limits & other scans are really theatre. Now, I understand there are several things at play here:

1) TSA hasn't hired the brightest bulbs, and isn't run by geniuses.
2) Their training is substandard
3) They spend billions on new hi-tech devices that have yet to be proven. Have you seen the explosives detectors lately - the ones that blow air?
4) There is some value in appearing to be dumb or incompetent.
5) There is some value in the theatre - appear to be looking for X when you are really looking for Y.

They have a tough job. But, why when I fly to/from Israel, or from anywhere in Europe, do I feel like I've been searched and vetted and not in the US? I very much believe in individual rights so a large part of me is ok with it; on the other hand, I don't want another 9/11. There's a balance there somewhere.
Jim Magee 4
I prefer TSA over the rent-a-guards that used to handle screening.
She’s a moron!
dmedders 3
TSA did its job.

Film at 1100!!
John Daly 2
Forget Sky Marshals, there is nothing that deters a criminal more than a women with a gun. Being taken out by a women. Most humiliating! Makes me feel safer.
I prefer to not live in fear of guns. I’m old enough to have flown with a concealed pistol and to remember when Sikhs could fly with their ceremonial swords. Now we are limited in the quantities of liquids we can bring aboard. We have to take off our shoes to be scanned. Thank god the underwear bomber wasn’t a butt bomber or we’d be going through cavity searches. What a joke. If a Jihadist wanted to take down a plane he/she could secret a wad of C4 in a body cavity and torch off the blasting cap with a 9V battery.
Most people unwittingly carry a gun to TSA, not intentionally. Stupid, yes. But should it be sensationalized?
TSA is a waste of taxpayer dollars.
darjr26 2
Exactly when was it that you legally carried a handgun on an airplane in the USA?
I see from your other comments on this thread that you are antigun.

To answer your question, it was legal to fly with a concealed weapon until the Gun Control Act of 1968. The unintended consequence of disarming the flying public was that hijackings skyrocketed. Wiki that fact.
I carried concealed on planes until metal detectors came into common use.
darjr26 2
The only thing I am “anti” is the idea of allowing passengers to carry guns on airplanes. If it takes an agency like the TSA to enforce that then that’s what it takes. I’ve spent my career working for an airline and I can honestly say that, other than some long lines, I’ve never had a problem with the TSA or any of its agents.
Brian Freeman 2
I wonder to which "...well-regulated militia..." she belonged.
Michael Dealey 1
"The people" are the militia.
Don Whyte 2
Only in "murca"
You are right. Every other country just cuts to the chase and does the right thing. They profile people.
Tim Dyck 1
No this happens around the world.
Mark Kentwell 1
Where? Certainly no country I've travelled in.
lynx318 1
Can't understand these types wanting to break such obvious laws. No-one could be this stoopid. These people are more dangerous currently than ANY potential hijackers.

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Jimmy Robinson 23
Both agencies need some work and need to be overhauled because of the way they are wielding their power. To get rid of them though, is a ludicrous suggestion because they are needed in today's environment. There's too much going on and too many outside threats to just trust that no one is going to try to commit some kind of violent Act or board the aircraft with the wrong intentions. Think of all the number of guns that were intercepted and what might have happened if the TSA had not been there to intercept them. You are entitled to your opinion but I believe it is erroneous one.
rmchambers 1
The TSA misses more than they catch. TSA = Thousands Standing Around... on our dime.
darjr26 4
And you know that how?
RECOR10 -8
Jimmy, we fly with guns all the time...police and agents fly with guns, all the time. These guns, they go off on their own do they? That is what the idiot sheeple on the left seem to infer. Before 9/11 (when box knived were used and the PX sat there like zombies but for PA) many guns exactly were used to take down a flight?
21voyageur 8
As a foreigner, just wondering, why does the situation you as described as a need to "fly with guns all the time"? even exist on the "shining city upon a hill"?
RECOR10 -3
Buddies flying to the east to hunt.
RECOR10 -2
Correction, buddies flying to the west to hunt (Arizona, UT, Montana....). Even those who own personal aircraft, as we all know, frequently it makes more sense to fly commercial.
21voyageur 2
If in the baggage compartment below fine, however, your earlier comment is far more about guns in cabins (ref: police and agents fly with guns, all the time". Unfortunate state of affairs but so be it.
RECOR10 -6
And, if a cop was to fire a gun in the cabin - well, the cabin does not care who fires the weapon, it will decompress just as fast with a cops bullet, a terrorist bullet or a housewife bullet. The "news" does not discern the realities here. I will admit, I have wanted to put a "black cat" into some random bag to see if TSA would go over board (as we know they do any chance they get). But, the fact also is that TSA misses over 95% of what is put to them in tests. Tney are worthless.
Peter Fuller 3
And, if a bullet fired in an airliner cabin punctured the pressure vessel, would that cause a sudden depressurization, or even do enough damage to bring down the airplane? I think most likely not.
Didn't the Mythbusters folks disprove that claim? I thought they tested it and found that a bullet fired from inside a pressurized cabin would *not* result in a catastrophic failure.
Michael Osmers 2
Yes they did. But it’s not rocket science, there’s at least one valve about 6”x6” that regulates cabin pressure. A hole or rupture in the fuselage would have to be much larger than even a number of bullet holes before it wouldn’t be able to compensate for the leakage. Fun fact, at max cruising altitude turning off both packs on a rest flight cannot result in more than a 200 foot per minute cabin climb. If it does, the aircraft remains out of service until the discrepancy is resolved.
Michael Osmers 3
A pertinent point here is that any person authorized to carry a weapon in the cabin has notified the airline and crew, has a legitimate reason to do so (although that can certainly be a subject of debate!) and has been thoroughly vetted and trained in the use of the weapon. None of those points apply the passenger off the street who legally (or illegally) carries.
Michael Dealey 1
This forum is notorious for down-voting simple facts.
darjr26 1
What’s the acceptable number of take downs before there are too many?
Michael Dealey 2
No guns were used in 9/11. How many planes have been taken down as a direct result of someone with a gun onboard? Can you even find one example?

How many incidents of SUVs plowing through music festivals and parades will it take before we ban cars?
darjr26 2
How about PSA 1771? I can assure you it wasn’t hit with an SUV.
Michael Dealey 0
A disgruntled employee who bypassed security and gained access to the cockpit. That incident?
Michael Dealey -1
Until you realize that the current environment, the acts of terrorism, and the "outside threats" are created and carried out by our own government. After the last three years, it's difficult to understand how people still haven't figured this out, but cognitive dissonance is powerful force.

Does anyone even remember that the TSA was supposed to be a "temporary measure"? The Patriot Act was always the goal and 9/11 was the needed catalyst for public approval.
TSA is about as worthless if not more worthless than any other federal agency. I was JUST at PHX. LAS and MCO - collectively, what a freaking waste of time. The TSA at LAS was hands down the WORST I have seen in any airport, period. They had an entire bus load of kids from Singapore in tears. They missed their flight and on and on, over a senseless communication issue. TSA needs to NOT have Qualified Immunity (or whatever law) that protects individuals from legal action by passengers who can prove damages (lost flight, revenue, anything). The only more annoying thing was the "Alphabet American" on one of the flights trying to prove its point of its own mental illness the ENTIRE FLIGHT. I did tell it that it was an asshole on my way off the plane at MCO. I was not shocked that it did not have the mental or physical aptitude do defend its own apathetic behaviors.

It actually said (over the speaker system, after 40min waiting for a gate) "if you all don't sit down we will not pull into the gate!" - the fact is, as passengers we could have done the Makarena and the 320 would have pulled into th gate.
Brian Freeman 3
And yet we haven't had a single aviation terrorist attack since TSA's inception. Hmmm.
strickerje 1
Have any actually been thwarted though, or is it just that none have been attempted?
David Roberts 1

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I have tons and tons of time in ORD. Tons. And yes, they are ripe. And, ANYTHING you do is perceived by them to be racist on your part. Chicago is its own mess, that is why I moved from there to FL :-)
Mika Bjork -4
I stand with TSA.

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David Roberts 0
So you work for the TSA?
I’m glad as a state (non-Federal) citizen US National, I have God given inalienable rights under common law, including that to self protection. They could turn me away I guess but at least no “legal” implications like fines or jail time. I don’t typically purposefully break man-made laws but self protection is one of those sticky situations where man made and common law don’t align.

US citizens often mistakenly believe they have second amendment rights but they only have limited rights as they are voluntarily governed by the US as they have civil rights under the 14th amendment. I hate to get in the weeds on this but it’s basic understanding of political status that has been subverted by this overwhelming 500+ agency State for their power over the people to essentially keep them in voluntary servitude and bury them in a jail cell if they don’t comply. Visit for further information.

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RECOR10 -6
The thing is, they go OUT OF THEIR WAY to convict folks in the media. They put out names, employers and on and on and on. For instance, just last week in AZ a story from a city near Orlando hit the news as "Mass shooting in mall" they all ran with it. It was really "Gang member shoots ex girlfriends new gang member boyfriend in the mall".

When a person does have an inadvertent, honest error they are crucified. In my instance, this very week (at Vegas) a small medical device was looked at as if we were terrorists, it was swabbed, it was scanned and was weighed, it was measured, it took a was then again threatened to be destroyed, confiscated and on and on...she has flown with this tool a dozen times (or more), even internationally. But Vegas - they are protecting us, right? They are idiots.
Doug Parker 4
The current culture is homicidal—killing is its only tool it knows and uses to end problems. Call it what it is, based on what it does. Sick stuff.

This needs its own thread.
HunterOfHunters -1
RECOR10, if you want to really have some fun wear body armor that you’ve worn on the shooting range. Body armor can’t be folded so you have to wear it, and no, I’ll never check a bag. I fly often enough to know that is a losing situation.
Michael Dealey -2
Once again, people down-voting facts. I never knew the aviation community was so hopelessly Leftist.


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