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Qatar Airways Under Fire For Banning Famous Aviation YouTuber Josh Cahill

Qatar Airways, commonly praised for being among the world's best airlines, has recently come under negative spotlight over its reaction to a flight review posted on YouTube. Josh Cahill, a popular aviation YouTuber specializing in airline reviews, published a video titled "The Shocking Decline of Qatar Airways" in August 2023. Qatar Airways reacted furiously to Cahill's video by banning him from the airline and allegedly firing the cabin crew who operated that flight. ( More...

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On this occasion the standards on board were below those normally expected (and normally found on Qatar Airways) and the negative report thus generated was hardly unexpected. How surprising that Qatar Airways has completely overreacted to the criticism and turned a recoverable issue into a public relations disaster. How much easier to have issued a simple apology with a statement that they would work night and day to ensure that it would never happen again and that maintaining their reputation as one of the world's top airlines was of paramount importance to them.
We all know that occasionally things do go wrong - saying sorry shouldn't be difficult.
David French 15
How to turn one bad review into a major PR disaster.
Don Wills 14
Obviously it wasn't shocking enough for him not to book another flight with Qatar. Qatar needs to get over themselves and realize that maybe some crew re training may not be such a bad thing. Perhaps they need another customer relations chief that understands the value in turning around a negative review.
Leander Williams 11
Maybe the reason he booked another flight was to see whether the airline had improved or whether the first flight was an exception and not the rule.
Michael Edmunds 26
Qatar have discovered the Striesand effect!
Up to Qatar to decide. He is lucky it was not Thai Airways or he could be arrested on arrival in BKK and sued. Each country has different laws, many people seem to forget that. Some things about Qatar that some people here may not know. About 7000 Asian people did die during the construction the foot ball (soccer) world cup. Qatar is hosting the top Hamas people and is a main sponsor. They are not friends with the other Muslim countries in the area as they do not share the same views. Qatar owns the major shares in the new Rwanda airport and owns half of Rwandair. They are shareholders in other airports. They sponsor many (US) and other universities, many who have problems now with antisemitism protests. They Sponsor a lot of Mosques world wide. And the list is much longer. They are not as nice as you may think. That would be one of the reasons I would avoid them, not the quality of their Airline.
Their hosting/protecting the leaders of Hamas in comfort and security while ordinary Palestinians die daily for the leaders' evil is enough for me to consider anything related to Qatar as NFW.
StevenLaw 13
First time I have commented on a post but the toxicity here is shocking.
Gavin Waters 16
It just shows that when a passenger, sorry guest, is sitting in a seat for several hours and may visit the toilet, that its the details and "little things" that matter. Josh commented that the crew did not engage with him upon boarding or serving and the toilet was unclean so this failed Qatar's own high standards and I speculate the crew was asked for an explanation but ultimately dismissed. The old A330 product is simply out of line with today's cabins in Qatar's excellent lineup but Josh committed the cardinal sin of mentioning top management and the A350 surface coating debacle. But clearly the handling of the video linkup with the Qatar Airways VP of Corporate Communication, lack of apology, attempt to get the video deleted and other actions was pretty terrible. We do have other pretty startling examples of how badly Qatar Airways have handled certain other situations also.

Then we must look at how "life saving" it was when Qatar Airways was one of the few airlines to offer a continuous international service during the Covid pandemic, enabling people overseas to get back to home countries once they had secured hotel quarantine places, etc. Also consider the exceptionally high standard of business and first class products of QA and making some of the longest flights in the world. When QA are one of the most awarded airlines of the world for their product and service there must be substance behind their performance.

Where does this leave us? I expect Josh's experience was outside the norm, unfortunate and hopefully not being repeated on flights all over the world today. It might have been a lot better for QA to apologise to Josh and award him some miles or vouchers. Marking him for automatic upgrades to business (where service seems to be exceptionally good) might have been smarter.
Vaclav Koranda 8
"The crew did not engage with him upon boarding or serving" - wow what a cardinal sin. Let's ban QA.
akebonolove 9
That and the piss all over the bathroom floor that was never cleaned up. You are ok with that?!
Vaclav Koranda 16
It certainly wasn't QA or any of their crew who pissed on the floor, it was another passenger. You can't expect them to clean the toilet after every use, that is just not feasible. They would have to assign one crew member to guard each toilet. I prefer when they serve me drinks instead. Piss on the floor is very common and probably the only time I didn't see piss on the floor in an airplane toilet was the time I didn't have to use it. Most of the people are just messy. For me it is simple - always leave the toilet cleaner than it was before you had entered it. That way we can save ourselves some issues. Otherwise, each person would need a butler permanently cleaning everything behind their butt. The job of the cabin crew is 1) to ensure safety, and 2) toserve food and drinks. It is not the fault of QA that your mother didn't whip your ass every time you pissed on the floor.
richard flint 5
Fortunately bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned after every flight.
WhiteKnight77 1
Unfortunately there are those who are decidedly lacking in home training. Just recently, I went to use a restroom in a fast food place and needed to sit down. This right after a man exited the stall with his son. The didn't raise the seat, and I said something to the man. He is teaching his son that it is OK to make a mess of the seat. Sad really.
Jeffrey Bue 7
Piss on the floor of the bathroom is pretty common on long haul flights no matter the airline.
Nooge 1

You would know be care full and shake
msetera 11
Larry Toler 10
I'm not a big fan of Josh Cahill, but now I have to watch this video.
Vaclav Koranda 5
I think that's exactly what he wanted to achieve.
wendy wenger 13
Josh who? Never saw anything from him. No idea whether he's a credible YTer or not. At any rate, Qatar took a terrible step in banning him from the airline and especially firing the cabin crew on that particular flight. Certainly hope they found other jobs. Qatar should hang their head in shame over that alone. Most businesses with a negative review will take the high road, issue an apology and strive to improve on said issues. Qatar took the low road for sure.
Greer Kemp 10
Yes Josh Cahill is a very credible airline reviewer with over 10 years experience doing this job. He doesn't accept free flights from airlines - he pays for all flights out of his own pocket so that the reviews are truly independent - as you might have heard, Qatar even tried to bribe him with a free flight anywhere, as long as he removed the review video - which he refused.
Have a look at his YT channel - it's just under his name.
Randy Brown 11
Shows a part of the middle eastern/ Islamic culture that the west finds so offensive. Absolute power from the top down. Management fails to take responsibility and blames and fires workers.
Hateful culture glossed over to take the infidel’s money. Typical cultural example.
Jim Allen 4
Lucky the government didn’t chop their hands off and cut out their tongue.
Dennis Walach 0
LOL to the max , Jim !
Susan Yeatts 4
A lot of ethnocentric based opinions here. They handled it the way middle eastern countries handle things, this shouldn't be s surprise to others.

The fact that I've never had a negative experience on [fill in the blank] or that the experience is out of the norm doesn't negate another individual's experience. I haven't seen the video but from the information in the articles it sounds like the review implied that this wasn't just a bad day on a single day's combination of flight's but that it indicated that the airline was "in decline", which a single bad flight does not, in fact do.

Care should be taken when writing about things that happen in other countries to understand what the consequences are. I noted that he learned of the ban when traveling to Thailand. A review such as this in Thailand can result in crimiinal slander charges! So one has to really take some care to understand the context of what they are doing in the culture that they are potentially offending. American values are just that, American, and they don't follow the person around the world.

Now, as an American myself I do generally support Mr. Cahill's right to say what he wishes about his experience, but he has to understand he's not dealing with inalieable "rights" here and he might also do well to remember that Qatar Airways is a state-owned airline and not a privately held company, too. He may find that he's also been banned from entering Qatar altogether (and I'd proceed with extreme caution if planning to fly to or through the country at all in the future if I were him.)
Bayouflier 14
Another fine piece of journalism from aero explorer. Everything they publish sounds as if it was written by a sixth grader.
porpoise666 6
they are writing about influencers after all
Shows the true mentality of Quatar. It's a wonder the crew weren't beheaded.
alex hidveghy 3
Qatar, not Quatar.

As in Qantas, the Australian airline. The rule of u following Q doesn’t apply in certain circumstances like an acronym or the name of a country……
btweston 7
I don’t find “content creators” to be particularly inspiring. If you come into my house and start filming stuff for internet hits I might be upset. Then again I’m not selling tickets.
M20ExecDriver 3
Joburg to Doha, economy section full of sub continent citizen passengers. Walking through that section after landing was like walking through a theater after a kiddie matinee, there wasn't one square inch of the floor and on the seats that was devoid of trash, a total pig sty.
I can only imagine what the toilets looked like.
Maybe Sam Chui may do a review on Qatar.
I just sent Sam Chui the article via email and see what his comments are.
tony buford 2
Sam never says anything negative. Very polite, respectable. I find him boring.
ko25701 11
He has every right to post a review, and the airline has every right to ban him.
James Simms 5
Only reason I downvoted your comment was the second part. Airlines have the right to ban people who act way, way out of line; but not for making a worthwhile criticism of their product.
Ric Wernicke 8
No they cannot ban him. They are a common carrier and may exclude people for good reason. A review is not one of those reasons.
trentenjet 5
Qatar will learn their lesson and they're lose revenue over this. It's not in airlines that people really want to fly these days in the Middle East. The recovery will take time "watch"
Roger Anderson 6
Unless other significant parties for some reason side with Cahill, this will all blow over in time. They'll just have to ride out the initial wave of negativity.
websanity 10
Personally I despise all "YouTubers"/"Influencers"; get a real job #narcissits.
I'd ban the lot of them.
You may disagree, I'm OK with that.
Jeffrey Bue 12
Some YT'ers are actually great. If you're into piloting and aviation I highly recommend the "Blancolirio" channel which is hosted by a 777 pilot. Great channel, great content, and highly informative.
You're absolutely correct. I often email blancolirio on aviation accidents, and I also follow 74 gear with Kelsey, and Mentour Pilot, both who were recently upgraded to Captain from first officer. Kelsey and Petter do general aviation commentary, and Juan Browne does general aviation commentary, but also does great technical breakdown of aviation accidents. There are YouTubers who do stupid things for likes and merchandise sales, but most aviation YouYubers are serious about what they do, and I always look forward to the actual pilots.
Greer Kemp 4
Yes also 74 Gear by a pilot called Kelsey who flies 747s and Mentour Pilot by Petter Hornfeldt a training captain and type-rating instructor/examiner on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft model.
Greer Kemp 2
Yes also 74 Gear by a pilot called Kelsey who flies 747s and Pentour Pilot by Petter Hornfeldt a training captain and type-rating instructor/examiner on the Boeing 737-800 aircraft model.
James Simms 2
Not aviation related, but Steve Lehto; a Consumer Lawyer out of Michigan is really, really good. He explains issues in layman’s terms, often chastising government & the legal system. He’s on the side of the everyday guy/gal.
WhiteKnight77 2
As well as not aviation related, Rick Beato is a music producer who dissects songs and talks about the way notes are played for your favorite songs as well as videos on what makes songs so great. Worth checking out as well.
BRAVO Josh and the other Reviewer's for GREAT Videos ... Interesting to see . Many nasty people comment here ..
alex hidveghy 4
Josh who?
I didn’t know YouTubers were “famous”?!…..never heard of him until now.
Greer Kemp 1
656,000 subscribers...
121.4 MILLION views... 342 videos...
alex hidveghy 4
Still didn’t know or hear of him before! And I’m an aviation pro, too. Maybe I just don’t go for “influencers” or tik tokkers. My interests are a wee bit more mature. But thanks…….
Greer Kemp 4
I am certainly glad that you are mature, that's a nice way to be. I am not exactly a spring chicken myself.

I don't class reviewers (in any field) as "influencers" as such, since their primary goal is to review (hopefully independently, like Josh) the product with which they are concerned.

This information is then available for others to see and assist in deciding on their use/purchase of that product - one might or might not base ones acceptance of a product or service on one review of course, and with the various groups such as Tripadvisor and even Google themselves, it helps to see how people valued and interacted with the service, product or provider, the response they received and the overall experience. You can get a fairly reasonable feeling from those reviews, and this is just another.

I flew RUH/DOH/SYD on QR just a few days ago and found that the product was quite acceptable; not as good as many Asian airlines, but still pretty decent - oh and the toilets were in a fair state - no puddles of pee, so I was spared that at least.
Chris Muncy 6
can we please ban all articles from I would rather read articles than be bombarded with ads...
James Simms 3
If you’re not happy, then all you have to do is copy the title, then do a search if it’s been posted elsewhere. It’s not really that hard to do
Bevan Cobbe 2
mariofer 2
If you don't like articles from Aeroexplorer, there is a trick my Dad showed me on how to deal with things I don't like and works every time,,,, ready?.... Don't read them!
21voyageur 2
I believe that the original thought expressed by Mr. Muncy is that the site is slack in what it allows to be presented. Poor editorial oversight continues which I find quite interesting considering it is owned by a multi-billion corporate giant (Collins Aerospace). Either sloppy governance or designed for catching eyeballs. Let alone a platform to present itself continuously on this site. What is now, is different than what was.
Josh probably never flew any of the local South American airlines. Or have never been at a provincial Russian airport.
On the other hand - not a nice approach of Qatar airways. A giant is a giant to admit mistakes with a smile. They are way higher than many of the airlines for those who can compare.
And old joke of an old woman kicking her husband for screwing her badly over the 50 years together. And BIG kick of lady's arse in return - for knowing the DIFFERENCE)
akebonolove 3
Do local SA airlines or provincial Russian airports claim to be the best in the world?!
Thomas Lee 3
There is a lot of generalization about people who post (and make their business) on YouTube -- we all (or most of us) have to make a living somehow. Many of you sound like grumpy old men.

Just as in anything in life, there is good information and bad info on content streaming applications. Josh has over 660,000 subscribers -- let alone those who watch and are not subscribed. His reviews on airlines and their customer service are popular for both entertainment and as a value to travelers. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

Regarding his review of his Qatar flight, he has just as much right to review the experience on his flight as you do for writing a review on the coffee pot that you just purchased on Amazon. Would you expect Amazon to ban you from buying anything on their site for a bad coffee pot review -- no. The same goes for airlines. They should take the criticism of their product as good customer input and institute a plan to correct the issues (and say thank you for the input). Watch the video; it isn't like he made up the issues or has a vendetta against the airline.

The phrase "never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel was often used to refer to the media, as newspapers used to buy a lot of ink. This phrase needs to be updated for the 21st century (and for a YouTuber with as many subscribers as an old-time big-city newspaper). Qatar can't win this argument or deal with people reviewing their product by acting like a bully. It just doesn't work in 2023 (no matter what you think about YouTube or Josh)
Paul Smith 3
I promise absolutely nobody is boycotting Qatar over this...
You are so right! These young TikToks, YouTubers and Instagram “influencers l” think they affect the public because they may have a lot of followers, but I’m pretty sure those followers don’t have any “influence” either. 🤣
akebonolove 1
I am...
Because of a whiny YouTuber? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
edtpilot 2
I’ve flown on Qatar a number of times. The best airline in the world. YouTubers , don’t think much of them, experience something once and make judgments. Get a real job. I’m glad Qatar banned whoever this person says he is .
YouTubers get real jobs.
Greer Kemp 19
I just flew on Qatar three days ago. The best.... really? No, it's ok, but hardly the best. As for people reviewing airlines (or anything for that matter), they provide a handy service to others and give people a chance to hear about potential issues as well as excellence. Josh Cahil does have a real job - he reviews airlines - he pays his own way for all flights and is very well known and gives a balanced and fair review.
If Qatar had any sense at all, they would simply have investigated the issues that he found and made corrections where necessary - they didn't - they tried instead to BRIBE him to remove the review in exchange for a free flight - he refused. as he should have done.
The review stands - and it is important to point out that he has also done other reviews of flights etc and gave good marks for those - oddly enough they didn't ban him for those reviews.
As I said, Josh Cahill is a full time airline reviewer and does this as his job - reviews are useful and do help potential passengers make an at least somewhat informed choice.
Qatar made an incredibly stupid decision in this case.
Jeffrey Bue 2
I don't know if Qatar is the best airline, but they're certainly one of the best IMHO.
Greer Kemp 1
I flew RUH/DOH/SYD on QR just a few days ago and found that the product was quite acceptable; not as good as many Asian airlines, but still pretty decent - and the toilets were in a fair state - no puddles of pee, so I was spared that at least. Haha!
akebonolove 2
What the hell are you talking about? This you tuber has flown Qatar Airways over 20 times and has done numerous reviews! I really wish idiots who dont even research what they are talking about would not comment on here.
Joe Alvin 1
Tempest in the Teapot.....
aurodoc 1
I have watched a number of Josh Cahill reviews and I think he is an objective reviewer who does not take any freebees offered to other reviewers. Remember his review is a snapshot of one flight and earlier reviews may have been more positive. Qatar is supposed to be a 5 star Skytrax airline(whatever that means) and maybe a warning shot over the bow will encourage the leadership to make changes that are positive for the airline without banning a reviewer.

Personally I would rather have a really safe airline with excellent crews and maintenance folks than an airline rated on cabin amenities.
Jim DeTour 1
I'm sure there are those that would of been happy to see him filming and talking vlogging tossed off the flight. No problem with that now.
Joe Alvin 1
Another smelly Mackerel flopping around the flight deck
Joe Alvin 1
Another smelly mackerel flopping around on the flight deck
Richard Loven 1
Does this guy expect Qatar to like him when he insults them and drags them through the mud. However Qatar should have just ignored him for the attention seeking nobody he is.
Greer Kemp 4
Really? You think a reviewer who does totally objective and independent reviews of dozens of airlines and hundreds of flights is an attention-seeking-nobody?

He has been doing this for over 10 years and his reviews and his work are not just accepted but welcomed by most of the carriers as he highlights the good as well as the bad.

I would definitely see it as better than the review surveys that pax are sent, since they are often not regular fliers and would not see some of the issues that a professional reviewer looks for - the "small things" as well as the large, that make a flight and an airline memorable and encourage people to fly with them

Reviews are not "insults" and to think they are is to pander to Qatar's childish and unprofessional response to criticism - the very opposite of how they should have responded.

The sensible thing to do in the event of a negative review is to look at the reasons, and to make the necessary enquiries to establish a cause, and then make the appropriate changes to address it.

They then use that experience and their reaction to it to improve the airline and to show that they are a responsible and responsive organisation that cares about their customers - instead of this reaction that seems to say "We don't care what happened to you - you are just a customer and we are more important than you!"

Is that really what people want?
Vaclav Koranda 0
What is "Josh Cahill"?
Gavin Waters 1
Well, he had the right to “whine”(as do most “you tubers) about Qatar, and Qatar, held owned by private investors, had the right to ban him. And by the way, I have no idea who that guy is.🤣
Bill Overdue 0
Just another example of "wokeness"... if you disagree or go against them in any way, they will shut you down, purge, eliminate, imprison or have you killed for your "truth"!
Stephen Donnelly -3
Obese people are not always making poor choices. They have medical problems, among other issues. I hope they are more understanding than Cahill is!

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Jim Allen 1
Your compassion is inspiring.. it’s nice to be a disgrace to humanity.. puts me in some pretty good company (Hitler, Bezos, most of the top 1%). Why not find a couple of blind people and toss some poison to their dogs? I would say “please God no” if I saw myself coming down the aisle but disgrace to humanity is a bit of a stretch. BTW.. last time I flew I had 2 seats.


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