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Miami Is Set To Get Electric Seaglider Service To The Caribbean

REGENT and Surf Air Mobility have partnered to bring electric seaglider travel options from Miami to the Caribbean Islands, targeting a market of around 1.5 million passengers per year. The Viceroy seaglider is an electric aircraft with a range of up to 160 nautical miles, seating 12 passengers. REGENT envisions the Viceroy serving various purposes, including cargo transportation, visual tours, offshore rig transportation, air ambulance services, and defense missions. Two United States… ( More...

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Joe Keifer 10
All I can say is they better be able to float.
sparkie624 6
You were reading my mind on that one... Not sure how effective it would be... I certainly want to try it... having flown into the Bahamas, and left when Hugo arrived... No thanks.
Joe Keifer 10
I hope the FAA's Aircraft Certification Division does their due diligence.
Michael Rojan 9
its a boat and the coast guard is involved. Its a WIG (wing in ground effect) which doesnt count as a airplane.
The cost of Electricity to charge this unit would be cost prohibative in the islands. Setting up Solar charging stations with quickswap out Batteriesw may be the way to go with this venture.
Ren Babcock 13
"with a range of up to 160 nm".. with new batteries, favorable winds and good weather. Island hopping means you are over water most of the time. Electrical power costs are high down there and I'm sure the cost of the electric aircraft has a premium associated with it. Economically it probably doesn't make a lot of sense compared to fuel powered aircraft, but I'm sure they are looking a government money to help keep it going. Even the name "Viceroy Seaglider" doesn't instill a lot of confidence.
Craig Good 1
Electric is always cheaper than ICE. Even where grid costs are high. Plus it generates less CO2.
Sam Hobbs 5
The amount of carbon dioxide used depends on how much was used to generate the electricity.
Kevin Holly 1
Tell me you know very little about electric propulsion and batteries and the grid and ground effect without telling me you know very little about....
Joe Keifer 0
If they run low on battery power they could auto-deploy a solar panel to compensate.
Brian Franklin 2
Put them on the wings. Double duty.
sparkie624 4
The technology is not there for solar... For what little bit of energy they could produce on a clear day would not be a fraction of what is required and those batteries are going to be heavy... very heavy.
21voyageur 1
I can already imagine the sea rescues!
sparkie624 3
I believe the Rescue guys would really be earning there money!
MrTommy 5
Yeah, and I'll bet the rescue guys WON'T be flying electric planes!
As long as there are no government subsidies, bailouts, or other taxpayer funded incentives, give it a try. Just don't lose any passengers.
carste10 3
Good thing the windshield is very streamlined so as to better deflect the seabirds. Once the grant $$ dries up this will disappear.
Martin Allan 3
Seems to be an update of the Caspian Sea monster (Ekranoplan) developed by the Russians about 20 years ago. The use of "Ground effect" may allow very quick "Flights" in Good weather as well as reduced energy so maybe "electrickery" can come into realistic use for this device. It yet has to be designed developed and deployed!
Joe Keifer 5
This reminds me of the “Spruce Goose”. Yes it will probably fly but only once and it certainly won’t be commercially viable.
Russ Nelson 5
The reason this is electric is because they have multiple propellers per wing, which works a lot better if you have a motor per propeller. They have multiple propellers to increase lift, by forcing air over the wing faster than the airspeed. Yes, it floats. Yes, it will be certified as both a boat and an airplane. You get higher efficiency with ground effect.

Honestly, it's as if you guys didn't read anything about the airplane.
Ren Babcock 4
I understand all this but under what conditions can it actually "fly". If you are flying in ground effect, a 25 knot wind can cause a lot of wave action and turbulence. And it goes up by the square of the velocity. I sail a lot and have been out in all kinds of conditions. It can go from good, to bad to very bad in a short time, especially around squalls which happen a lot in the islands. Most airplanes just go around them. Not so sure how this would handle.
Bob Moseley -1
I understand the dynamics of the aircraft. I made no comments about the aircraft itself. However you bring up a good point. ‘More props, more motors, more batteries.
Honestly, it's as if you didn't read anything about the comment.
C172Rpilot 4
Aviation news must be slow...
ko25701 5
Day VFR only, dodging heavy sea surface traffic in busy waterways. And one hour range. Yeah right.
Peter Fuller 3
Up to 160 knots cruising speed, according to the article, in a sea-surface environment with much slower boat traffic. Can this thing climb out of ground effect, if necessary to avoid an obstacle or a collision?
Bob Moseley 5
I’m not a fan of electric cars and aircraft. They are more environmentally damaging than fossil fuel extraction(in order to support the current plans it will require an additional 350+ mines to extract the minerals), more expensive, more difficult to dispose of spent materials and not as efficient. In my mind it’s being forced on us do to investor influence on politicians.
Yes, for some it may be useful but allow electric use to be phased in based on individual demand and not via directed mandates and destruction and reduction of current assets.
Kevin Holly 2
Absolute nonsense and completely false. Do your own research.
Kevin, I HAVE done the research and have SEEN first hand some of the enviornmental effects around the world with the DELUSION that is EV...that said, in my garage that fits three cars, 24 spark plugs and six turbos (premium only please). In the drive? Another 18 spark plugs and a few more turbos.

I am blessed to be able to afford about any car I would like to drive. I checked out a Rivian for about a minute. Nope, I am in hurricane territory and LOVE it when the fools in teh EVS have to wait in line for three days after a storm to charge by the mall (Heck, few years ago in that a line a place crashed on Tesla cam!)
dilkie 2
interesting idea. But if ground effect was useful, it would have been done already. I can only imagine the fun of going through weather, rather than over it.
loubearr 2
Is this the joke of the week?
I would rather get there in a smugglers boat. I mean, I do value my own life. If I want to risk death in a flight, space had better be in the equation.
Joe Keifer 2
No thanks. I prefer the sound of fossil fuel being burned when I fly in an airplane.
MrTommy 2
What is this HUGE push for everything to be electric? Cars, trucks, stoves, heaters, you name it. And we can't even keep our air conditioners running sometimes.
sparkie624 1
As "Paul McCartney" says.... "I've Got a Sinking Feeling"... Maybe they could use it when they make a movie about that plane some day!
Joe Serdynski 1
That would be neat ! ! ! Look forward to returning to the islands ! ! !
blueashflyer 1
Brilliant! All it has to do is comply with ALL the Maritime regulations AND ALL the FAA regulations.
Sam Hobbs 1
I wonder how animals are affected by ground effect flight. I searched Google for "animals affected by ground effect flight" and all I got was articles about birds using ground effect. I assume that birds would fly away in time and animals on the ocean are likely safe too therefore hopefully it will only affect animals on land but I am concerned about that.
strickerje 1
I assume that was supposed to be the Bahamas, not the Caribbean, given the range of 160 nm?
Kevin Holly 1
I came for the comments from uneducated cynics who love to show off their ignorance, and they didn't disappoint lol!
jim sisti 1
Doesn't anyone recall Chalks Airline and the issues ,up to the fatal crash as their plane attempted to take off from Biscayne Bay, Miami? All that salt water Chalk's landed and took off in ate away at fittings and structural support. And Chalks spent most of the transit time airborne and burning JetA.
So now these folk.feel like plowing around in water that is becoming ever so much more of a saline content is a good idea. Not to mention what effect salt water incursion in the battery cell area might "generate", pun intended. A thermal runaway battery 40 miles offshore of anywhere could easily be the death of people on board as well as the business,ala Chalk's.


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