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Senator that landed on closed runway doesn't even say he screwed up.

Description of the landing and report from the FAA. A lesson on how famous and important people can get away with just about anything. ( さらに...

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Toby Sharp 0
This is because he is a politician, and he's been getting away with S@#t like this for quite some time. let him go stand in a runway with a shovel and ill hop over him in my airplane and see if he doesn't piss himself.
But, but, but he's a Senator and is above the law of mere mortals like us.
Toby Sharp 0
I bet if I landed on him in a twin I could make even a Senator fill his pants
He probably thought that big X was a vote on a ballot. Must remember that these members of "Royalty" are above the law unlike the poor slugs who put them there.
I thought I read that he even had the balls to reprimand the construction workers for being there... Did anyone else read that??

mark tufts 0
what an asshole of a politation landing on a closed airstrip
i am wondering if he was under the influance of model airplane glue
This idiot could've easily killed somebody doing that. He should have his ticket pulled.
WOW...........and still keep his license!!!!!
Lessons learned from this... avoid flying with Senators!
John Andre 0
And 76 years old to boot...someone should clip that old buzzard's wings.
We would have paid dearly for this mistake.
Toby Sharp 0
I like how he thinks he didn't do anything wrong but agreed to some remedial training anyhow. 76 as well. Does his twin have a walker modification with tennis balls on the nose?
Ah, you children making fun of the old guy. You probably would have wiped everyone out. You guys are really cool.

That said, the Senator part is foolishness. I have no idea whether his "remedial training" is standard for such as this or not. If not it's a travesty.

Anyway, maybe some day you pups will be flying at 76. Or maybe not, consider the alternative.

Endeavor to persevere.
If you're going to continue flying at age 76, you should have another, preferably younger, pilot in the right seat to keep you from doing stupid things, like landing on a closed runway.
Clam Shell 0
If I landed my plane like that, I'd be in deep trouble and probably wouldn't be allowed to fly again. This "senator" is an arse.
Where did the title of this squawk come from, as in "didn't even say he screwed up"? How would you know that?
Well, hasnt the venerable Senator ever heard of NOTAMS. They would have alerted him of the closure before he departed. But then, he probably doesnt need to get a briefing like the rest of us. The FAR's specifically state that a PIC is responsible to have ALL RELAVENT information in his preflight before departing. Anyone who doesnt do this is breaking and FAR. This gives the FAA a way of putting blame on the pilot any times something like this happens. Well, then again, he is a SENATOR!


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