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British Airways prefers Gatwick over Heathrow for operational expansion

LONDON, UK — As relations with Britain's busiest airport deteriorate due to a protracted dispute, British Airways aims to boost its operations at Gatwick. The national carrier of the UK will increase its flights from Sussex rather than expanding its Heathrow operations. ( More...

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patrick baker 12
i have always found gatwick as a satisfactory entry point into england, both when using a train or if renting a automobile, and the less crowded terminals are far more pleasant than Heathrow.
Chris B 4
I have a choice of both Heathrow and Gatwick. While Gatwick has advantages being closer to destination, I always fly BA to Heathrow. It's a better choice for transatlantic flights.
mbrews 8
If London is your final destination, sure. But IMO avoid Heathrow as a connecting hub, for any USA to Schengen destination.

Things I don't want to experience again : endless subway rides, passport control hassles,
security hassles, and a crowded Scrum in the connecting terminal.
ThePumpkin 2
All intelligent comments here. Good to see rather than the usual bitching and complaining trolls you find on the majority of today’s assorted comments sections. Shows how FlightAware readers and members have “got smarts”. 👍 keep it up.
Matt West 1
Part of this is probably tied to their 737 MAX purchase. LHR doesn't have many gates that aircraft incapable of utilizing containerized cargo/luggage can use. LGW doesn't have the same problem and so it's probably the best place to utilize them.
Why not expand at Stansted? Both Gatwick and Heathrow are too crowded. Flew thru Stansted once, and it was a joy in comparison. So smooth from landing to picking up my car rental.
Eric Hillerton 1
You've obviously never paid to park your car there, an easy way to double your transport costs.


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