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American Airlines just showed the door to customers who aren't rich

Airlines have needs. They tend to revolve around money. Which is harder to make when you fire a lot of people during the pandemic and then find it difficult to hire more people once the pandemic begins to recede. Despite the claims of many, business travel hasn't reached pre-pandemic levels. Leisure travelers, however, are desperate to get on a plane and get out of wherever here is. So how can airlines make more money out of this less-than-ideal situation? A clue emerged last week when… ( さらに...

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Roy Thomas 5
Thanks to the "gated" community upfront, I can enjoy my cheap seats in the back.
Tk Ldr 1
I sit in the cheap sits. I do not begrudge those who can opt to pay 4-50x the cost of my seat.

What about 80% of the world that can’t afford to fly at all? Be grateful you live in a time where we can fly practically anywhere in the world!.

There is more opportunity to change your economic status today than almost any time in thousands of years of humans history. Stop complaining and start living.


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