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Airbus is planning to increase A320 production in 2023

Airbus is planning to increase production for its single-aisle narrowbody A320-family jets in 2023, according to the planemaker’s CEO, Guillaume Faury. Airbus plans to roll out 65 jets per month by the summer of 2023, Faury said during a recent news briefing, which was reported by Reuters. ( More...

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mbrews 1
Would be more informative if it itemized the 65 jets per month production among the various Airbus manufacturing locations - Europe , Mobile Alabama USA, and China plants.

If evenly spread, would be roughly 22 jets per month per site .....
Peter Fuller 2
Yes, would be good to know how the rate increase from whatever it is now ( not mentioned in the squawked article ) up to 65 will be apportioned among the four assembly locations. Now the lion’s share of A320-series planes roll off the Toulouse and Hamburg assembly lines, smaller numbers from Mobile (mostly for N America customers) and Tianjin (mostly for Chinese customers). I’ve read that the former A380 production facility in Toulouse is converting to A320 production.
Tyler Barr 0


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