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Dutch Airlines No Longer Enforcing Mask Policies On Board Despite Government Restrictions

Four major Dutch airlines are fed up with on board mask policies, and have decided to do away with them despite masks policies still being enforced by the Netherlands government. ( More...

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Rico van Dijk 26
When I read this in the news I was so proud of my airline standing up against the anti-aviation bullying of our ‘green’ government.
As mask mandate was cancelled in the entire country including in public transport, except in planes.
But yesterday I flew with our chief pilot and he told me the actual meeting was nothing like what the news has reported.
It was actually Tui airlines that at first said to the government rep that they would not ‘enforce’ this mandate. So they are not breaking the law, they are just not going to chase after people anymore that refuse to wear masks. And so the other three airlines agrees and followed suit.
Of course this wasn’t exciting enough for the journalists and they made their own story for more likes on twitter.

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Rico van Dijk 6
Kindly next time, reply only when you are reasonably sober. Thank you
21voyageur 1
nice retort! Seems the loons are out to play ;-{)
avionik99 27
The mask mandate needs to come to an end now! Giving police type power to airline employees to enforce such a rule was ridiculous! Many abused that power as seen and told by so many travelers. Plus the fact that they dont work Duh!!
Coalora 29
It's going to be very, very difficult for the people who fully embraced this new religion to be told to let it go, sadly.
rmchambers 13
Indeed, pulling the rug out from someone that formed a foundation of life on that particular edict is going to be a stunning thing to witness.
Eric Schaefer 3

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Huck Finn 6
I will henceforth refer to you as this forum's maskterbator!
msetera 8
You win!
The idiot comment of the day award, that is.
Bill Butler 2
Mark Kortum 19
Would be great to see US airline execs "grow a pair" and challenge the US edicts too.
Doyle Kaufman 6
Agree, and get rid of all this testing non-sense while we're about it.
Brad Webster 8
All the major airlines last Tuesday submitted a letter to Biden to end all mandates.
msetera 5
I hope they wrote it with crayons and pictures so Brandon can read it.
21voyageur -4
You may return to under your rock.
Mark Kortum 3
snide response: You are assuming Joe can read and understand the letter. Serious response: The airlines have dutifully complied with US government edicts that are not even laws. It has been interesting to listen to the scripted speeches the pilots are told to make, regarding wearing masks. Some are 100% "by the book" while you can hear the pain in the voices of others. The funniest one was an American pilot who speed-read the speech like one of those non-disclaimer statements at the end of a commercial.
And so it begins.
21voyageur -6
Let us hope that there is no, , , , "I told you so!" in the future.
Gary Ondrey 3
Why would there be ! It was unnecessary and stupid from the beginning and did nothing except irritate people that already had plenty to be irritated about on an airline flight
21voyageur -8
Why? Don't ask me. Ask the 975,000 Americans who died from Covid-19 (and that is a conservative number). Not enough? Ask one of the 18,200,000 globally that died. How dense of a brain can you have? But wait sir, , , , maybe, just maybe, this has all been made up and the world is wrong, science is wrong, the doctors and nurses that worked so hard to save people - mothers, fathers, grandparents, children and yes even those like you and your lemming-like deniers have been right all along. Imagine that. Imagine that. Imagine such a delusional world.
Craig Harris 5
Cowardice is not an ideal this country was founded on. Continue wearing your facial jock strap if you want to, but the rest of us are done with all the covid BS. I refuse to get on a plane until the mask mandate ends.
msetera 6
Great to see those Dutch airlines have some common sense. Hopefully that will spread over here too.
21voyageur -6
Hopefully, that is all that "spreads over here too"
Huck Finn 5
The mask is coming off this scamdemic ritual. The official religion of the irreligious has been the mask and the proper placement of the sacred symbol across their mouths. From this point forward I have my own recommendation for the proper placement of the face mask especially regarding where to stick it!
Gary Ondrey 5
It will be interesting to see how long it takes the spineless airline execs in this country to decide to do the same thing here. This isn't a law and the airlines are free to discontinue this stupid policy any time they choose
Mark Kortum 4
I just read that a group of pilots have filed suit aginst the Federal Government.
Gary Ondrey 1
I wish that group the very best of luck. It's about time this corrupt government was brought to task for their politically motivated stupidity
21voyageur -2
Are you inferring that the preceding one was not?
Gary Ondrey 1
You are not one to talk, living in your quasi-Communist country. At least the previous government has this country on a good track, not destructive like this one and yours
21voyageur -4
you are a very funny man. Listen to your doctor and get back on your meds as, without them, you apparently have no sense of reality. So please refrain from issuing such childish noise especially of things you have no clue on.
Gary Ondrey 4
Ohhh...I have a very good sense of reality. I used to live in your country and left for a good breeds too many people like yourself.
21voyageur -3
Obviously, you have found a home that suits your challenged state. Good luck to you.
Gary Ondrey 3
Yes I have. And definitely not challenged. I're still there. Enjoy your new reality


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