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United says that '100%' of customers will be able to bring carry-on bags as part of its massive fleet upgrades

United Airlines plans to gut the interiors of its narrow-body Boeing and Airbus planes as part of a multi-year fleet revitalization program. Upgrades to the cabin will include installing seat-back in-flight entertainment screens, in-seat power at every seat, and LED mood lighting. ( さらに...

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nemosteve1080i 4
While UA might think this is an enhancement for all passengers, this is do nothing but slow down the boarding and deplaning processes. While UA touts each overhead bin being capable of holding 6 bags, the over head bin spans a distance of 3 or 4 rows which equates to 9 or 12 seats on either side of the aisle. 6 bags for 9 or 12 seats? The math does not work unless UA is hedging that some passengers will not bring a bag onboard. I have status with UA so my bag(s) go in the cargo hold, where they belong.

I see two options, charge U$75 for bags brought into the cabin and make checked baggage free or raise all fares U$50 and bags go where they are supposed to go - the cargo hold.

Now that planes are filling up with occasional travelers, I see more spinners in the aisles looking for a place to stow their over stuffed bag containing all their worldly possessions. They become agitated when they have to check their bag or have it stowed in an over head several rows behind their seat. All they do is muck ou the boarding and deplaning process.

If they have to travel with all their possessions, take the good to FedEx, DHL, or UPS and pay their fees.

Ed Kostiuk 2
I totally agree with your assessment but on the same hand as a Safety Officer type, I am concerned with the evacuation issue. Time after time we have witnessed videos of planes on the tarmac burning with folks sliding down that ramp with luggage in hand. I don't fly commercial but IF I did and you were more concerned with your luggage than evacuating a burning bird you would find a lump upside your head that didn't come from the plane crash.
avionik99 1
Agree I hate that people board with tons of luggage in tote. The boarding process becomes a mess and takes forever. Ban all overhead luggage!! Bring only what fits under the seat in front of you! $75 per piece of overhead is a great start!
Peter Fuller 1
United has over 500 A319s, A320s, and 737s (according to ). That’s a lot of frames to revamp, and the article says they expect to complete 66% of them by end of 2023. We’ll see….
mary susan watkins 1
my goodness..i wish united well with this endeavor..i am wondering if the comments below come from those who have bragged about the greatness of southwest airlines as compared to other carriers,without mentioning the fact they have always encouraged passengers to carry on their luggage,and were the only ones not charging extra fees these past few years..believe me,i have an understanding of carry on bags,having to do "gate checked" luggage,or having to tell passengers they have too many bags,or the bags are too heavy,or they will have to "consolidate"what they have packed..those who are experienced travellers or business people,are usually NOT the ones with luggage issues..its the family on the once a year trip to a vacation spot,or the person who is travelling internationally..those who travel (or did so before the pandemic)back and forth to south america seem to have the most luggage...bigger bins will help,but as far as in an emergency situation,people are people and will push and shove to get to safety,but that briefcase or that tote bag are important to far as the boarding process,EVERYONE,especialy frequent flyers are of the opinion they count more than others and should be first to board..there is NO quick way to handle that,unless aircraft are boarded as it used to be,by row numbers of 4 and flight attendants can monitor exactly where luggage is 2 cents worth from experience...


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