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Colorado mom slams Southwest Airlines for removing family from plane over 3-year-old's mask

A Colorado mother and her family were fighting for their plane seats after Southwest Airlines booted them over fears their 3-year-old son, Orion, wouldn’t wear a mask. Caroline Scott told "Fox & Friends" her family was "discriminated against" for her son’s disability, as Orion suffers from sensory processing disorder, and wearing a mask may be "challenging" for him. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 9
Happens all the time and not just with masks. There is an inherent mindset that some passengers think they are the centre of the universe and everything else revolves around them! It’s fine to suggest they are in total control of their 3 year old right up until they’re not. Then it’s I give up and they look stupidly at the flight attendant who now can’t do a thing at altitude. However, the Captain while on the ground can make a decision often backed up by ops and the problem never gets started. While nerve racking, seemingly unfair and I’m there are plenty of other passengers willing to assist, but airlines can’t assume that and will defer to the rules in effect at the time. Unfortunate for sure.
zamoragr 2
Southwest is transparent about their policy that passengers over 2 have to wear masks. She should have found a way to travel that can safely accommodate her son, or contact the airline in advance for accommodations like everyone else has to.
Rules are rules! Let 'em walk.
patrick baker 0
this is funny. THe fox networks new disease of the month that allows fox listeners to have new ways to avoid masks in public, for those who disbeleieve in covid, for those who don't like health departments to insist on practicing mass public health. A long car ride from colorado to wherever the desitnation was, would allow fresh air, beautful landscape views, and a chance to naturally imrove the little tyke's sensory processing apparatus.
Tk Ldr -5
Hello, mr generalization. Your assumptions lead me to believe you are an insensitive jerk.

See what we did there? We took 1 piece of information and applied our bias to people (one of whom is a 3 yr old) without actually knowing the individual(s).

Let’s aim higher. I bet you are a pretty nice guy in person.
bbabis 0
Well said and spot on Tk. Mr. baker is a leader in the sovietization of America. It is well known in medical circles that a three year old's need to wear a mask is a joke. The "enforcement" of asinine rules to make an example of "non conformers" and keep "subjects" in their place is classic soviet era socialism. The willingness of the left wing media to be "Pravda" for the administration and the CIA and FBI to be the "KGB" should frighten all those who value their freedom. Freedom is not free, and unless people open their eyes to the well planned dissolution of our freedoms, that lesson will need to be learned again the hard way.
patrick baker 2
well said sir. You insist on being free to develop and cultivate your own personal brand of covid, with at the least a week of more of sickening feelings, or , if worse, hospitalization and perhaps death from the virus. You died a free man, an ignorant one, but free...As an aside, my family is Ukranian. We despise the Russians, who at this time are squating on eastern Ukraine with 100,000 soldiers , readying a westward push. Except for NATO. stay tuned.
the airlines (all of them,not just southwest)have set up certain rules and regulations for the flying public during thes covid 19 times..some have been "lessened" a bit, like now putting passengers in middle seats and serving beverages and/or food on board,but the requirements for masks still remain in place..understandably this mother is defensive regarding a child with certain problems, as most mothers are,but if this was a serious concern of hers, she would have documented paperwork with the names and titles of the people at southwest who approved her flights with the child,as well as what she was told..she also would have documented paperwork with her from a doctors office stating the issues with her child and how is was ok for him to fly,considering the mask issue..this would have avoided a conflict with any southwest employee,the supevisor could have stated ok its fine per her doctor and the department that approves special issues and needs of passengers,,and the whole mess would have been avoided..i worked for an airline for many years, and ther is a special desk at any airlines headquarters that give approval and.or authorization for everything from service animals to oxygen on board..
Dubslow -4
instead of blaming the airline for acting in fear of the feds, blame the feds for getting the ridiculous idea that one size fits all
patrick baker 6
one size does not fit all. One pandemic will fit all victems in similar sized coffins.
We're not blaming the airlines, we're blaming you.
Anthony Acri -1
pathetic a 3 year old havingto wear a mask companies making these policies should be elimniated.
isten tot he scienc
ToddBaldwin3 0
Keep in mind that we are only seeing one side of this story, the Fox News side of the story. All we have from SWA is a brief, seemingly canned, statement.


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