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Sunrise Takeoff of 767 at LAX Video

Gorgeous views and sounds after takeoff. So cool to see the sun slowly peek over the horizon. ( さらに...

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Lois Lettini 8
Beautiful video!! This brought back such good memories of LAX. Do I miss it? YES!! I haven't flown in several years (last time to Laguna Beach) and just hearing the engines brought tears to my eyes. It is still an awesome experience for someone my age who flew her first jet at age 21 in 1961.
Scott Cavalier 8
When I was flying those sunrise takeoffs I didn’t always appreciate them. Being retired from Delta since 2019 after flying the 767/757 I now miss those beautiful morning launches. Great video with the sound of the engines. The Boeing jets from this era are great handling and performing airplanes and were my all time favorites as a pilot of 50 yrs.
claireparr 4
Daniel Griscom 4
Love the condensation as the intake air decompresses.
Steve York 4
Great video. Brings back memories of the hundreds of dawn flights I made in the late 90's commuting weekly to E Coast on AA 767s. Always had window seat to enjoy view of S Bay coastline - MDR, Manhattan and Hermosa piers, King Harbor, PV peninsula and LA/LB harbors. It never got old as I could sometimes even pick out our house in Manhattan Beach and see our boat slip in King Harbor! Miss flying but now have our shots so will start again soon.
Brian James 4
Some great clips on this you tube channel. Thanks for sharing

Jaime Terrassa 2
how cool is that thank you god bless.
Dewey3 1
Interesting watching the curvature in the wing develop just after rotation at the 1:01 mark.
matteo dandolo 1
Very nice video
Ren Babcock 1
Wonder how many lbs (kgs) of water came off that aircraft? Probably not inconsequential.
Brad Wong 1
Beautiful, love the sound. I've flown the 767 many times and it's one of my favorite jets, love the 2-4-2 seating in Economy. Going to miss the old Gal.
Jasper Buck 1
Mine too (favorite jets that is.) Also particularly fond of the B-757 and DC-9.


Capt. J Buck
Airline Transport Pilot DC-9 B757 B767
Peter Fuller 1
Nice ride, the 767, though I remember the economy seating as seven across 2-3-2.
darjr26 1
No offense to the narrow body drivers and enthusiasts, but there’s nothing like a wide body on a domestic route.
Wayne Farmer 1
Ah, yes, the sunrise illuminating the brown haze of smog over Los Angeles. Yes, I know it was much worse in past years, but it's a reminder of the years I spent growing up in Southern California.
john doe 2
It does look better than years past. I recall my first landing at LAX mid-Eighties - looked like dirty cotton had been rolled out across the whole LA basin.
Wayne Farmer -2
I remember driving on an LA freeway around 1970 and feeling my lungs burn. You could drive through Pasadena and not be able to see the mountains that rose up on the north side of the city. Without state and federal regulations pushed by environmental liberals, we'd still be there.

But now we have global warming, and a US President who called it a hoax. So glad the Democrats are in charge for now.
Rema Allen -3
Nothing special or stunning here. It is a nice shot. Cheers.
Jasper Buck 0
Never got to see all that condensation/vapor stuff from the cockpit. A few water droplets rolling off the windshield was all. But a nice video nonetheless.

Capt J Buck

ATP DC-9 B757 B767
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Ground Instructor
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A&P Mechanic
Air Traffic Controller
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ops & Aws) ((Ret.)
FAA certified accident investigator (Ret.)
ICAO Panel Member
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